Give School kids a Common National Syllabus, Parents and Educationists Suggest to NCERT

Uniformity in each curriculum is called for by the parents as well as educationists without focusing on the state history and language and this April 30 is the deadline to submit recommendations. The suggestions are demanded on the National Council of Education Research & Training (NCERT) website on the topic of a common syllabus across the country to maintain uniformity in academics. However, this issue became prominent during the discussion between parents and educationists.

A good number of people showed their urge to keep` up a common syllabus among students like a uniform pan-India syllabus instead of giving options to the students in choosing board among the state boards and the national-level boards such as ICSE, CBSE.

The president of the Jagruk Palak Sanghatana, Jayashree Deshpande said, “Our group has almost 5,000 parents, who agree about a nationwide uniform syllabus pattern. Options for boards to follow can spark confusion. Besides the history or language of each state, there are many subjects like science, mathematics, geography and other languages where a uniform syllabus can be applicable. So, a common national syllabus would be more efficient, and all schoolchildren could refer to the same books as well.”

Different books are prescribed for different state board syllabi and some schools also recommend some specific books of different publications and this became a major concern among the parents. By focusing on the symmetry in education, the parents placed their urge to lessen the burden of school bag comprised with various textbooks and notebooks. The students are suffering from the burden of textbooks, workbooks and others it, impacts the students’ creativity and dexterity.

Lakshmi Kumar, director of The Orchid School, said, “Apart from a heterogonous curriculum, some kind of uniformity in the academic level should also be decided by NCERT for most subjects. It may be a long process, but levelling this would help students in the future, as they ultimately face the same competitive examinations for engineering, medical, arts or government services.” In this regard, the director and honorary secretary at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB) also added, “A uniform syllabus will be most welcome. As of now, there is a vast difference between the curricula of ICSE, CBSE and Secondary School Certificate (SSC) boards. That apart, students also get mentally affected by difference between syllabuses among friends, and start comparing. To avoid all this, uniformity is important.”

Among the other suggestions, some points are emphasized such as the scopes of experiential learning, physical training and the practical projects that can be accomplished without the parental interference. In brief, the education pattern should be like that where students can choose the subjects as per their preference and make them ready for different competitive exams to shape their career.


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