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All Exams Conducted by CBSE like NEFT, NET and JEE to be now Conducted Twice a year by NTA



Change is inevitable; any change that helps in building a stronger foundation for the youth of the country, the budding citizens of India, is always welcomed with open hearts. The recent change that has become the talk of the town is that the + (NTA) will take over the onus of conducting entrance tests across the country from the overburdened Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This will actually benefit millions of students who undergo the various entrance tests as there will be a standardized test to check the aptitude, knowledge and problem-solving skills of the student. Further, NTA will be conducting the online entrance tests for higher education twice a year from 2019 onwards, which would help in doubling the opportunities for the students and will give the aspirants adequate opportunity to bring out their best.

According to finance minister Arun Jaitley, NTA will be created as a self-sustaining society, and an eminent educationist will be appointed as the chairman. It will be working as an autonomous testing agency conducting almost nine entrance tests such as JEE, NEET, CTET, NET, etc. currently conducted by CBSE. There will be a CEO working as director general assisted by nine verticals headed by academicians and experts. The NTA will also establish exam centres at many sub-district areas and provide hands-on training program for the benefit of the rural youth.

Therefore, radical change in the way the entrance exams are conducted is expected by the step taken by the central government. NTA will guarantee that exams have a standardized difficulty level. It is also likely that setting up NTA will help avoid conflicts about wavering levels of difficulty allowing students to have access to one standardized test in different sets of question paper. When a candidate from a state board writes the entrance test conducted by CBSE, it will be difficult for him to manage. On the other hand, when the test is conducted by a central testing agency, it will equalize the difference. In other words, it can be stated as a sole uniform manifesto for all students to compete equally.  


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