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Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Beat the Summer

Beat the Heat

Summer has just arrived and the temperature is getting high day by day. At this stage, people start panicking which ultimately hinders their daily activity. Besides, every year, heatwave alerts are announced in many parts of India and people are recommended to follow certain guidelines to stay healthy and hydrated all through summer. Nevertheless, to handle this soaring heat, we must include some tips in our daily routine. As summer halts for an extended time in India, the weather has noticeably changed and is giving hit blasts throughout the day, we must be observant before witnessing a maximum sultriness keeping in mind that it’s already the month of April.

Here, are some tips to handle the summer heat in our bodies, mood and efficiency level.

  • Take plenty of water: Water intake should be more during summer, this way one can keep him/her hydrated and energized. People usually lose their energy due to hot air and heavy sweating and in order to get their spirit back, they must have adequate water, fresh juices, tender coconut water and other energy drinks. Avoid cold-drinks as it is not healthy.
  • Always wear cotton clothes: Wear clothes which are comfortable and soothing. Because of the heat, we tend to get rashes and red patches on the bare skin and in order to avoid these, we must use cotton and light clothes through which our skin can breathe. In this regard, a good advice is to use antiperspirant at nights to get a better effect.
  • Take foods that can keep you calm: Do not take hot and spicy food as it causes health issues. Include salads and fresh green vegetables in the meals to keep your internal system cool. Avoid non-veg food and take summer fruits as much as you can. Most importantly, have foods which you feel will give a good mood.
  • Do exercises: Do not choose heavy weights workouts as it makes exhaust you, rather switch to yoga or light exercises early in the morning when the weather has not reached its peak of hottness.
  • Keep the windows open at evenings: Keep the windows unlocked and maintain a cross ventilation at home to feel more comfortable. An open space makes the environment feel cool and allows you to complete your chores with ease. Cut off any heavy work during day time to avoid sweating sensitivity
  • Know your cooling points: Know your cooling pulse points such as your wrist, neck etc. and apply ice cubes covered with a towel to get a quick relief from the sizzling hot summer.

Follow some don’ts - such as avoid taking water or ice creams after coming from outdoors, and do not have a shower immediately after coming from direct sunlight.

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