Healthy Foods for your kids this summer

Healthy Foods for your kids this summer

With mercury heading north and summers in full swing, Food and drink have a big part to play in aiding your body keep cool hale and hearty during the suns heat. Just as how you wouldn’t wear the same clothing in the summer as in winter, you do not eat the same nourishments. Foods that strengthen and support the heart, cool the symptoms of summer heat, nourish the kidneys, boost the spleen and dry damp are the best choice for summer.
Different foods have different energies and everything is unique. If we take a look at the seasons we can understand the flow of energy and how the food consumed balances with the environment. We can also see why it makes sense to enjoy foods while in season.


In summer, the atmosphere is extremely hot and energetic. To make balance vegetation is grown in large. Summer vegetables grow upward and outward like lettuces and leafy greens such as kale or collards. Fruits are plentiful, sweet and juicy. When we eat foods that grow upward or have more water content, then our energy moves upward and out, which in turn helps cool the body. This makes an individual feel comfortable in summer heat.

Don’t let the summer scare you, instead enjoy it and stick to a healthy diet.

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