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CBSE Examination Date sheet is finally out! Download Now!

After the whole nation was having serious discussion as to why there was so much delay in releasing the date sheet, CBSE has finally released the class 12th and 10th board examinations date sheet. However, this in turn has led to huge hue and cry amongst students of various streams in relation to the number of days’ gap between examinations. According to the board, the examinations are scheduled to start from March 5th, 2018 and end by April 12th, 2018. The JEE main entrance examination is another task to deal with, which is scheduled on April 8th, 2018.

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Students, parents and teachers are having same opinion that CBSE has not paid attention towards the stress that students would have to undergo with such tight schedule. Some of the important exams are scheduled back-to-back with less time for revisions which is making the students all the more nervous. The history exam is scheduled on March 20th which is followed by mathematics after a day. Psychology, political science, legal studies and physical education examinations are also scheduled within a span of 5 days from April 5th to 9th. It is believed that humanities stream students are the most affected ones. Students have requested for re-consideration and change in date sheet. However, the board thinks that it is “unrealistic” to expect more days gap between exams. Therefore, the students now have to ensure that they don’t succumb to the pressures of exam by making the best use of the time available.

With little more than one and half month time in hands, students of different streams are ought to prepare their revision schedule wisely. What they need to do now is stop worrying and start practising. The more the students spend time in revising and practising on the concepts learned, the better equipped they will be to face the examinations even though the schedule it tight. The students can allot more days during revision for the exams which have less gap, whereas they can afford to allot less number of revision days for other exams which do provide ample scope for revision before exams. Students can use different and interesting mediums of practice to keep them engaged throughout the revision time. As the old adage goes, “where there is a will, there is a way,” students need to put in that extra little effort to ensure that everything goes as planned for them. It is time to prove that nothing can deter their dreams to have fantastic future and career. Not even a tight schedule of examinations can hold their wings, if they have the will to ace the exams with practice, practice and more practice!


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