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CBSE rolls back New Exam Format - Class VI to VIII

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The Central Board of Secondary Education System (CBSE), the biggest educational board of India, has decided to go against its own previous decision of having uniform assessment, examination and report card scheme for classes VI to VIII after receiving objections from National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). CBSE has announced the withdrawal of the policy after NCPCR has claimed that the new policy of uniform assessment has violated the Right to Education act (RTE).

Previously, CBSE made the announcement, "To increase the confidence in the students to start preparing for Class 10 Board examination when they join the upper primary stage in Class 6, the CBSE has decided to implement the uniform system of assessment, examination pattern and issue of report cards for classes 6 to 8 also on the similar pattern." This decision was made after the CBSE decided to restore the board examinations for class X. The board officials thought that by bringing uniformity in the way assessments are held, students will gain exposure to the way the class X board examinations will be held. The students will be able to cope up with the syllabus and do well. Further, there was disparity in the way the class assessments were held in different affiliated schools which made the transition process from one school to the other bit difficult. Each affiliated school followed its own version of assessment tests to evaluate students’ performance in the academic year. Thus, any student willing to move from one school to another owing to transfers or any other reason had to face issues in getting adapted to the new versions of tests that were being followed in the current schools.

However, with nation-wide resentment among students, parents and the affiliated schools, the board had to revert to its earlier system. The following is the official notification given by the CBSE. "As per decision of the Governing Body of the board, the earlier circular regarding uniform system of assessment, examination and report card for classes 6 to 8 stands repealed.”

NCPCR is of the view that uniform assessment, examination and report card system will not help in addressing the students’ issues appropriately. If a child is not able to attend one of the exams due to health issues or some other reasons, he/she will be at loss as all the marks will have cumulative effect on the final result. Further, it will not facilitate in giving adequate chances to students who get less marks in some of the class tests and assessments. Therefore, it will have direct influence on a child’s confidence and development. Thus, CBSE has reconsidered its decision on uniform assessment system in the best interest of all the children of the nation.

Effect of decision on VI to VIII class students:

What needs to be analyzed and watched for, is the effect of this sudden decision to repeal the uniform assessment, examination and report card system on class VI to VIII students who are going to attend the uniform examination in March 2018.

For example: Students of class VI who appear for exams in March 2018, are supposed to follow the uniform system this year. However, the Continued and Comprehensive Evaluation system (CCE) will be in vogue next academic year i.e. 2018-19 for class VII. These students just got acquainted with uniform system and again need to get adapted to the old CCE system creating all the confusion and problems amongst them.

CBSE needs to come up with clear instructions for smooth transition in coming days. Be tuned with us to know more details regarding the changes that need to come into effect in the coming academic year 2018-19.


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    need sample papers

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    Respected Educational Authorites of CBSE and NCERT,Please do not play with children’s career by using wavering systems of Evaluation

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    Very Good Seen Feedbacks

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