Express Your Gratitude for your Dad on Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day 2018

Ah, dads! Most of us naturally snuggle up to our fathers.

Fathers are priceless. Yes, and as much as we celebrate Mothers, we ought to celebrate our Fathers too. Do you remember how your dad used to toss you in the air and caught you midway before you reached the ground? Do you remember standing with him on the shore of the beach? He left work to be there at your graduation. I could go on and on about the warmness of our fathers. Do you not think we should celebrate them?

Dads are the ones who taught us everything from riding a cycle to doing our own math homework. They have been our teacher when times were tough; they have cheered us on no matter where our heart has led us. Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, story-tellers, adventurers, and lullaby singers. So Dad might not want much, but often it’s the thought that counts. They were our first superheroes!

They have held our hand while crossing the road, while walking to the park and while saying goodbye at the school gates. He has punished us for our mistakes, but he's also been our best playmate. He's been our refuge, tucked us into bed, and dried our tears. He’d never refuse any of your requests, standing with you all the way. And as the years go by, you may grow taller, but will always look up to him – Dad! Fathers have always treated us with a stern yet loving hand, being the only dependable man in our lives, they have always. We have at all times looked up to them as our strength and motivation through the years. And will never fail to follow their footsteps making the right decision at all times just like they have taught us.

So this Father’s Day, we want you to celebrate all the fun times you’ve had with your dad—be it on a food quest, a road trip, or just relaxing together at home, watching football. After all, our dads are not just our friend- guide-philosopher; they also make for the best travel buddies! Give the man of the house a break from the barbecue this Father’s Day and thank him for making it all happen by treating him to quality time with his family! Go ahead, make dad’s day memorable!

Let’s honour the dads who give us everything to make us smile! So this Father’s Day, take your father out and make his day special.  Here’s to more fun times with Dad!


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