How to Prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exams Simultaneously!

How to Prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exams Simultaneously!

Engineering is one of the main domains where numerous students wish to study, however, JEE Main, which is the main engineering exam, is considered as tough and a shell that is hard to crack. Almost all class 12th Board Exams across the country start in the month of March and finishes by March end or early April, leaving little time for the JEE Main exam which is conducted in April.
While preparing for JEE Main and 12th board exams, ensure that you give time for the 11th standard syllabus too. With 40% weightage of Board Exams in JEE Main results means that your 12th boards % can greatly affect your JEE Main rank. However, hard work and perseverance is the keyword during the preparation time. Dedicate yourself to your studies and both the JEE Main exam and Class 12th board exams will be an easy walk towards success for you.

How to score high in boards and JEE Main in the same year?

Concentrate on the curriculum of the CBSE Class 12 Board Exams

Board exams covers only 12th standard syllabus whereas JEE Main 2017 covers both 11th and 12th standard syllabus. With most of the syllabus similar to that of Class 12 board examinations of CBSE, candidates appearing for both should wholeheartedly revise for the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics board. Don't miss out the NCERT Textbook problems. You have to clearly know what subjects and topics are likely to appear for the examinations. Also, candidates preparing for JEE should try and tackle the High Order Thinking Skills questions provided in the reference books to get that extra brink.

Create a Timetable

For maintaining your study routine creating a timetable is perhaps the best way. It is best recommended to divide the timings in such a way that at least some topics of each subject are covered every day. Divide your syllabus and assign specific timings per day for a subject. This helps in reducing the boredom of studying the same subject and will let you complete some part of each subject every day. Board exams cover only 12th standard syllabus, while JEE Main syllabus includes the syllabus of both Class 11th and 12th. Make time in the morning or evening for the topics related to your 11th standard. Timetables will help you stay on track to complete the syllabus.

Focus on theory and concepts

While board exams are about theory, JEE Main is about practice. For Board Exams, you need to be knowledgeable with the theory given in the NCERT books. Whereas, for JEE Main, you need to learn use of theory in understanding concepts and solving numericals. Until you have a good grasp on theory & concepts you can do well while practicing for JEE Main. Your aim should be to go through the entire syllabus.

Practice Previous Year Papers

This is a major part of JEE and Boards preparation that students miss out. Previous year question papers of JEE Main and Board Exams are an essential step in your exam preparations. Practicing previous year test papers will help you polish concepts that you are not confident about and get into the real groove of the JEE Main. Similarly, mock tests will also help you in time management. It is essential that both the examination is time based and solving mock test every day will allow you to know how to divide your allotted time between sections and solve them. Keep solving a few Multiple Choice Questions every day for better preparation, increase your confidence and work hard for this.

Study the Syllabus completely

A good strategy involves analysis and revision – Revise thoroughly. Don’t miss out any topics – no matter how small or unimportant. There are some characteristics in each subject which need to be learnt by heart and revising it thoroughly can help you get easy marks. Completing the syllabus in time will boost your confidence and go a long way to help you ace your Boards and JEE.

Understand the pattern

Preparing for two exams simultaneously needs to be done cautiously especially when it is about getting used to the exam pattern. Having a thorough understanding of the question paper pattern is a must. JEE Main follows specific paper patterns that can be understood & purposefully used to score well. There are some important topics in the JEE and Boards syllabus that require students to learn repeatedly – this is where regular revision will help you. Rather than aiming to solve all questions, attempt all those you are confident of doing correctly.
Nevertheless, the main goal of any student prior to the examination should be nothing but to pass the same with flying colours. Make a plan and set daily targets which are practical and abide by them. Studying for board exams and JEE Mains hand in hand will give you ample time to prepare for JEE mains once the board exams are over and ensure that you do well in boards as well.

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