How to solve Rubik's cube?

For a lot of people, just being able to solve the cube is sufficient, which is absolutely fine. But speaking from personal experience as a speedcuber, simply being able to solve Rubik’s Cube is not enough; solving it as fast as possible is the most exciting part!

Things to know before getting started

The Rubik’s cube has 6 faces, and when the puzzle is solved, each face will be single, unique in color. The majority of Rubik’s Cubes possess the BOY color scheme, where Red is opposite Orange, Blue opposite Green, and Yellow opposite White. There will also be a corner piece that is Blue/Orange/Yellow, reading clockwise.

Here are the steps to crack the Rubik’s cube

1.White cross:
Let’s begin with the white face. First, we have to make a white cross paying attention to the color of the side centerpieces.

2. White corners:
In this step, we have to arrange all the white corner pieces to finish the first face. This step is still intuitive, you can do it without learning a single algorithm.


3.Solving the second layer:

As with the previous steps, continue to hold the cube so that the bottom face color remains at the bottom. In this step, we will solve the first two layers (F2L). There are two algorithms that are used, symmetric to each other, they’re called the F2L Right and F2L Left algorithms. These algorithms insert an edge piece from the top layer in the middle layer not messing up the already solved white face.

4. Yellow cross:

Now make a yellow cross on top of the cube. It doesn’t matter if the pieces are not in their final places so we don’t have to pay attention to the colors on the sides now. Just make a yellow cross on top; we will swap them in the next step. We can get from one pattern to the other with a single algorithm as seen in the image: F R U R’ U’ F’. If you have a yellow “L” shape you’ll have to apply the algorithm twice, holding the cube in your hands as seen on the image. In the case of a horizontal line you just have to make the permutation once.

5. Yellow edges:

After making the yellow cross on top of the cube you have to put the yellow edge pieces in their right places where they belong. Switch the front and left yellow edges with the following algorithm: R U R’ U R U U R’ U. Apply this algorithm more than once when it’s required


6. Yellow corners on their places:
Switch three corner pieces. Only the last layer corner pieces left. First, we have to get them to the right spot, so don’t worry about the orientation in this step. Find a piece which is already in its right place, move it to the right-front-top corner then apply the following algorithm to switch (rotate) the three wrong pieces: U R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L

7. Orient Yellow corners:

Orient the corner pieces. Now all the pieces are in their right places you just have to orient the yellow corner pieces. Hold the cube in your hand so the piece you want to orient is on the front-right-top corner, then to the R’ D’ R D algorithm twice or four times until that specific piece is oriented well.
After that with a U’ turn move another yellow piece you want to orient to the front-right-top corner of the cube and do R’ D’ R D again while this specific piece is ok. Be careful not to move the two bottom layers between the algorithms. Repeat this until the cube is solved.

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