Identify The Budding Scientist in You!

Mohan: Hi Chintu! What are you up to?  Chintu: Hey dad/uncle, I’m looking at this water purifier. Can it detect the level of fluoride, arsenic and other such chemicals in water effectively?   Mohan: Wow! How do you know about all these?  Chintu: I read about these chemicals and their hazardous effect on people in a science magazine.  Mohan: Wonderful! So you love to read science magazines. Do you know about the National Science Day?  Chintu: When is that?  Mohan: National Science Day is celebrated on February 28th every year. On this day in the year 1928, Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman discovered a phenomenon of scattering of photons which was later known as ‘Raman Effect.’ He even won Nobel Prize in the year 1930 for his discovery. To honour such a great scientist and his work, the National Science Day is celebrated every year on this day.  Chintu: Wow! I also want to be a scientist and invent a simple device which can detect the levels of the dangerous chemicals in the water as well as purify it extensively to make it safe for drinking.  Mohan: Good! You are sounding just like Arsh Shah Dilbagi, Ishita Mangla, Gitanjali Rao, Harshit Jindal, Rifath Sharook and many more.  Chintu: Who are they?

India has no dearth of budding young talents who prove their mettle in every walk of life, time and again. There are many little scientists who not only excel in their studies but with their curious minds and probing questions find the solutions to the most difficult problems of the world. These young prodigies with their exceptional talent are making a mark in the world of science which is more than just a passion for them.

Let’s see how these little stalwarts have explored the world of science:

Arsh Shah Dilbagi: He wanted to help people with speech impairment issues to a little extent by inventing the only Augmentative and Alternative Communication device in the world that uses breath as the way of interaction. Arsh, at the age of 16, invented “TALK” to help people suffering with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other speech impairments issues. It helps to communicate in a normal form of speech. His project was selected as one of the Top 15 Projects of Google Science Fair.

Ishita Mangla: Another child prodigy, Ishita Mangla won an award in computer sciences in National Science Fair 2017 for developing a software application named digiTAC which automates the process of diagnosing visual impairments in children.

Gitanjali Rao: This 11 year old girl has shown that age doesn’t matter by winning the Young Scientist Challenge held by Discovery Education. She invented a device named “Tethys” which helps in finding the amount of lead in water. This device is cheaper and provides accurate results; thus, it helps people to get access to potable water effortlessly in near future.

Harshit Jindal: A student of Maharaja Agarsain Public School, New Delhi, Harshit competed in the field of microbiology in the IRIS fair 2017. He won an award for making a plant-derived vaccine to prevent bacterial infection in mice.

Rifath Sharook: The world knows Rifath now thanks to his amazing intelligence. This 18 year old boy created the smallest satellite “KalamSat” and won in the competition “Cubes in Space” held by Nasa. The 64 grams 3D printed carbon fiber satellite was launched by Nasa on June 21st, 2017.

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