There are no shortcuts in learning but there are effective ways

It’s a well-known fact that shortcuts end up in a long curvy road and as far learning is concerned there nothing is more stark and bitter than this. Learning is in a way a systematic way of remembering images in mind and arranging them in a perfect order. When we write something, we unconsciously try to emulate the images we have absorbed or acquired over a period of time, and anyone who compiles a great imitation from memory are considered as good learners.

Let’s know the effective ways to improve learning:

Setting the learning goal: It is important that we exactly know and understand what our learning goal is. Why are we learning something? How does it benefit us? Answering these questions will help us analyze the demanding situation and the goal.

Learning in systematic manner: To ensure that our learning goal is met, we must first break down the task at hand into achievable targets and start learning in a systematic manner. Working on simple and connected topics first before delving deep into the complex concepts is just one way of systematic learning. Step-by-step approach helps in understanding difficult parts too.

Reviewing learning methods on regular basis: Learning methods differ from person to person. Reviewing learning methods adopted by us on regular basis, and analyzing them to see whether they help us in achieving the learning goal is essential.

Making corrections in our approach: If one method of learning doesn’t work, we need to shift to another to ensure that our target learning goal doesn’t get affected. Our desired outcome or learning goal remains intact, and the ways of achieving it can be altered based on the requirement.

Things not to do:

Inserting a new set of images in our mind or memorizing at random doesn’t help in the learning process at all, and in fact, anything done in this manner not only hampers the efforts to learn something new but also puts the existing memorized images in disarray.


Therefore, effective learning practices are effective only when we follow them in a systematic manner, review the methods on a regular basis and make necessary corrections whenever and wherever they don’t match the desired outcome.


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