WHO - Gaming Addiction a Disorder

“Kiran, go out and play with your friends! Shut down the PC and get some fresh air!” Do these words sound familiar? This kind of interaction can turn into a major parental concern if we do not act fast. Yes, The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared gaming addiction as a mental disorder!

WHO related with international public health aims at better health for everyone, everywhere. It works for building a healthier future for the people all over the world. Children nowadays have lost control and are addicted to gaming, giving more priority to gaming than other important daily activities, despite facing negative results. Many professionals have developed prevention and treatment programmes for children suffering from gaming disorder. Studies recently show that children with gaming disorder tend to spend almost 10-12 hours in a day gaming. Isn’t it disturbing?

Keep your Kids away from Mobile / TV

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Check out the harmful consequences of gaming disorder:

  • Affects sleep cycle
  • Low food intake
  • Minimum or no studies 
  • Very less interpersonal communication

The gaming disorder almost leads to isolation of children. It creates a delusional world and affects their mental growth. They tend to spend more time in the virtual world and develop the virtual relationship with other gamers. Thus, leading to more differences and distance between the real family. This kind of disorder is not only limited to children exposed to PCs but also to children who spend more time socializing on mobile phones. Nowadays, every parent is concerned about the growing distance between them and their children which is making them to think of ways to help their kids get out of this gaming addiction.

Action Time - What can a parent do?

1. Limit the number of hours: parents must limit the number of hours being spent online and ensure kids adhere to it strictly. Parents can encourage children to spend not more than 30mins or one hour in a day in gaming activities for refreshment.

2. Explain the negative consequences: It is essential that children know what happens if they tend to spend more time gaming than the set time. Educate children about the negative issues of gaming.

3. Encourage children to play outdoor games: 
Enlighten children of the benefits of playing outdoor games that help them to be physically and mentally fit. Children can interact with other kids, experience real emotions, inculcate team spirit, be more tolerant towards others, etc.

4. Engage children in activity sheets: 
Parents can try and engage children in solving worksheets related to various academic subjects from reputed companies like Edurite. It helps children revise the concepts learned in school and have a deeper understanding of the subject. The science experiments, craft activities, etc. are innovative and interesting to work on. Who knows your child may be the next budding scientist too!

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