Yoga for kids


Yoga for kids

Yoga, the 5,000-year old art of uniting the body and mind for children is spreading quickly all over the world. This ancient exercise constantly supports children in their homes, classrooms, sports and relations. Yoga is actually a gift that keeps on giving. Yoga is a low-cost, helpful tool that can have an optimistic impact on children. Yoga helps children to stretch, move, and become active! Yoga poses for kids, often imitate our normal environment and enhances their physical flexibility, especially when they engage in sports, impolite tumbling and get injured in playground activity.

Children in this day and age deal with many distractions, temptations and peer pressure. Schools are challenged to do more with less and be resourceful in how they reach even the loneliest child. Yoga helps children focus at school, self-control their emotions, build courage and resilience and cultivate lasting health practises.

Yoga lets children learn discipline, it increases their concentration and attentiveness. The relaxation exercises learnt in yoga can help in blood circulation, especially in the hands and feet. Yoga also helps in inhaling more oxygen to cells, therefore functioning better. Yoga helps children see the grace in themselves; their vigour and individuality. It teaches that everyone is the same inside, regardless of outward appearance, race or religion. Yoga is not a destination, it is a journey of a lifetime, which helps a child remain disciplined.

Yoga helps kids to:

  • Build their body responsiveness
  • Feel hale and hearty
  • Manage stress through alertness, meditation, breathing in healthy ways
  • Improve concentration
  • Enhance their strength, flexibility and co-ordination
  • Increase their confidence and helps them think optimistic
  • Yoga helps young athlete’s cross-train for a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, football etc.

Here, are some positive features of yoga that are discussed. Have a look at how yoga adds value to a kid’s mind and body besides increasing their concentration level and skills.

  • Yoga is an art that improves physical flexibility – In order to stay fit and enthusiastic, kids must adopt yoga because it's great for kids to be strong and sturdy, but a body that's only set on stamina has no way to accept pressure. Strong muscles lacking flexibility can't move quickly. Yoga postures stretch muscles and movement, muscles become stretchable and become more responsive. Yoga supports tender joints in a functional way.
  • Yoga improves concentration – Only studying the syllabus and memorizing subjects is not enough to score well in exams or prepare for further studies. Yoga teaches little children how to deal with tense situations. The act of practicing poses inspires children to clear their mind and focus on the efforts they put in. As a result children stay balanced, yoga helps children to pay attention and concentrate in school and get better grades. They act as a great support and reduce stress during examinations. Yoga improves the IQ scores and ability to solve problems, it also helps them recall the lessons learnt and promotes overall dexterity.
  • Yoga builds confidence – Yoga helps to provide building blocks for a child’s future. Confidence is the most essential characteristic that everyone needs at every step of their life. To hone this quality, it is important to encourage children to practice yoga religiously and talk about its benefits. Present-day competitions in schools are quite high therefore to tackle the academic stress rightly; children must adopt something that elevates their confidence level.
  • Yoga provides mental calmness – While yoga is meditative by nature one can have a sound body and a sound mind by doing yoga, as it offers an overall enrichment. If a kid does yoga daily, he achieves mental calmness and has a fine fettle approach and skill to calm oneself and keep his/her mind focused at all times. In short, yoga provides space for the mind where children can experience a sense of accomplishment. Their concentration, relaxation and sense of calmness improves.
  • Yoga improves coordination between different parts of the body – Yoga is favourable for everybody as it teaches us to stay calm at any critical stage. Since balance is the utmost key element of yoga, the poses allow children to find mental clarity and stability. A child learns physical and mental balance when he falls and when he gets up to try again. Yoga teaches to be patient, determined and work toward one’s goals.
  • Yoga develops healthy lifestyle – Yoga teaches little kids to balance studies and fitness and helps concentrate in class. In short, yoga makes us habituated with the soul, the inner part of the human being. Yoga teaches self-acceptance and helps children fight their doubts; that come during their teen years and beyond. It teaches a child to move more, start to eat better, relax more, be compassionate and self-disciplined etc.


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