Edurite CBSE class 1 Mathematics And Social Studies Combo USB Pendrive

Edurite CBSE class 1 Mathematics And Social Studies Combo USB Pendrive

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CBSE Class 1 – Mathematics

Class 1 is an elementary level standard and students should learn the basic concepts in an easy and effective manner so that they do not lose interest in learning as well as can get motivation to know more on each topic. However, each imperative topic of class 1 should be deeply rooted in the students memory for their betterment. In brief, a constructive study process, along with the well-designed study materials are remarkably needed to pave the way for the success in academics. Here, Edurite brings the learning aid that not only imparts adequate information on all basic topics, but also engages students through some interactive activities.
CBSE class 1 Mathematics USB is a great learning tool that makes the entire study method cogent and comprehensive. It teaches each basic Math topic in an interesting manner, so that students get an inclination towards learning the subject. Besides, this USB includes some interactive activities, examples and explanations that are absorbing and valuable. Moreover, this learning tool accelerates the students learning process and also allows them in improving their skills. Here, students can check the demo videos before purchasing the USB.

CBSE Class 1 Social Studies

Explore and learn? is a great way that works better for the child's learning progress. To emphasize this ideology, Edurite has prepared a combo USB that not only inculcates information, but also hones the students learning skills. With this USB, students get a chance to learn each topic in detail with the aid of visual medium. Here, all suitable topics are incorporated along with a good number of examples.
To put concentration on studies is the main problem of the students, but with this interactive USB, they can sit and learn all basic topics in a thorough manner. However, this USB is easy to follow, engaging as well as effective for the students of standard 1. Check the demo video and get familiar with the benefits that can turn a students learning effort into success.

Chapter List


  • Data Handling
  • Measurement
  • Money
  • Numbers
  • Numbers from One to Nine
  • Numbers from Ten to Twenty
  • Numbers from Twenty-one to Fifty
  • Patterns
  • Subtraction
  • Time
  • Addition
  • Shapes and Space

Social Studies

  • About Me
  • My Family
  • Fun with the Family
  • Time to Celebrate
  • The Food We Eat
  • The Clothes We Wear
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Kinds of Houses
  • Animal Homes
  • Going to School
  • Festivals are Fun
  • Safety on the Road
  • Safety on the Road
  • Telling the Truth
  • Telling the Truth
  • Being Good
  • Early Humans
  • We Share Work
  • Our Classroom

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