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CBSE 3 Mathematics, EVS And Science Combo DVD/USB

CBSE 3 Mathematics, EVS And Science Combo DVD/USB

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CBSE Class 3 Mathematics

As the students grow and they get promoted in the new class, they need constructive and engaging study materials so that they can accelerate their expertise on different topics. CBSE class 3 syllabus is well-prepared and valuable as it includes all suitable topics, along with a good number of examples. To learn these topics precisely, students must practice suitable exercises. However, EduriteŠ—Ès CBSE class 3 Mathematics, EVS and Science Combo DVD/USB is an excellent learning aid that not only inculcates knowledge, but also hones each studentŠ—Ès skills as well as mastery. In brief, this DVD imparts knowledge and also allows students to solve interactive activities that make them ready for the next level of studies.
Mathematics is an intriguing subject and it demands constant practice and this DVD helps students in reviewing each concept before the exam. A couple of engaging activities as well as exercises are incorporated in this DVD so as to offer a suitable revision process to the students. Here, the sample videos are also available for the convenience of the students as well as parents.

CBSE class 3 Science
Science is an interesting subject as it includes the facts of many natural occurrences. It makes students aware about the original reasons of many common things. However, it incorporates a vast range of topics starting from living and non-living things to housing and clothing. However, CBSE class 3 syllabus is well-formed and based on this course structure, Edurite prepares a combo DVD/ USB that eases the entire learning method and makes study time valuable. With this learning help, students get space to learn each Science topic at their own speed and make learning worthwhile.
However, EduriteŠ—Ès CBSE class 3 Science DVD includes all essential topics, along with the pertinent examples and hence, it is a one stop solution for the class 3 students. This DVD arranges all topics in an engaging manner so that students feel interested to learn one after another without having an additional pressure.

CBSE Class 3 Environmental Studies
CBSE class 3 Environmental Studies is an engaging subject with a good number of topics such as what is cooking, web of life, work we do and others. However, primarily, it looks like a simple subject, but it is not easy to make students engaged with these topics. Hence, Edurite brings a combo DVD that includes all these topics, along with the suitable examples. Additionally, interactive activities are also added in this DVD to make their conception clear on different topics. In brief, the EduriteŠ—Ès CBSE class 3 DVD for Environmental Studies is addressed to the students so as to make them understand all topics with ease.

Chapter List

ξMathematics Science Environmental Studies
Can we Share? Living and Non-living Things Saying Without Speaking
Fun with Give and Take Parts of a Plant Sharing Our Feelings
Fun with Numbers What Animals Eat What is Cooking
Give and Take Birds Chhotu's House
How Many Times? The Human Body A House Like This
Jugs and Mugs Keeping safe Water O' Water
Long and Short Housing and Clothing Water O' Water
Play with Patterns Air and Water The Plant Fairy
Shapes and Designs The Earth Our Friends - Animals
Rupees and Paise Heavenly Bodies Flying High
Smart Charts! Soil and Rocks Web of Life
Who is Heavier? Measurement Work We Do
Where to Look From From Here to There
Here Comes a Letter
Making Pots
It's Raining
Our First School

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