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CBSE 7 Science, Mathematics, Social Science Combo DVD/USB

CBSE 7 Science, Mathematics, Social Science Combo DVD/USB

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CBSE 7 Combo (Science,Maths,Social Studies,1DVD Pack)

With an objective of inculcating quality education to the students, Edurite has prepared CBSE class 7 Combo pack for Maths, Science and Social Science. This DVD/USB is a great gift for class 7 students as the concepts are added here, along with a good number of examples. This combo DVD/USB comprises all the chapters of maths, science, and social science subjects, based on the updated CBSE class 7 syllabus. Apart from the animated content of each chapter, this learning aid also includes interactive activities, exercises and old question papers, so as to give students scopes to hone their knowledge and skills before appearing in the final exam.
However, Edurite DVDs have been structured under the guidance of the proficient educationalists to let students learn topics precisely.
CBSE Class 7 Combo DVD/USB at a glance:
  • A thorough explanation of each topic
  • Interactive activities, quizzes and relevant exercises
  • Multiple-choice questions-answers by following the CCE pattern
  • Self-evaluation tool to hone the confidence level
  • Maximum coverage of the topics
  • Bookmark for each chapter
  • Engaging and colorful delineation of the topics
  • Self-Assessment tests
  • Convenient to learn new topics
  • Added valuable exam tips


  1. Acids, Bases and Salts
  2. Heat
  3. Light
  4. Nutrition in Animals
  5. Nutrition in Plants
  6. Physical and Chemical Changes
  7. Soil
  8. Reproduction in Plants
  9. Fibre to Fabric
  10. Transportation in Animals and Plants
  11. Motion and Time
  12. Electric Current and Its Effects
  13. Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
  14. Winds, Storms and Cyclones
  15. Respiration in Organisms
  16. Forests: Our Lifeline
  17. Wastewater Story
  18. Water - A Precious Resource
  1. Algebraic Expressions
  2. Data Handling
  3. Integers
  4. Lines and Angles
  5. Perimeter and Area
  6. Symmetry
  7. Congruence of Triangles
  8. Fractions and Decimals
  9. Practical Geometry
  10. Rational Numbers
  11. Simple Equations
  12. Comparing Quantities
  13. Exponents and Powers
  14. Visualising Solid Shapes
  15. The Triangle and Its Properties



  1. Environment
  2. Our Changing Earth
  3. Air
  4. Water
  5. Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
  6. Human Environment - Settlement, Transport and communication
  7. Human Environment Interactions the Tropical and the Subtropical Region
  8. Life in the Temperate Grasslands
  9. Life in the Deserts


  1. Tracing Changes Through a Thousand Years
  2. New Kings and Kingdoms
  3. The Delhi Sultans
  4. THE CREATION OF AN EMPIRE:The Mughal Dynasty
  5. Rulers and Buildings
  6. Towns, Traders And Craftspersons
  7. Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities
  8. Devotional Paths to the Divine
  9. The Making of Regional Cultures
  10. Eighteenth-Century Political Formations
Political Science
  1. Role of the Government in Health
  2. How the State Government Works
  3. Growing up as Boys and Girls
  4. Women Change the World
  5. Understanding Media
  6. Understanding Advertising
  7. Markets Around Us
  8. A Shirt in the Market
  9. Struggles for Equality

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