Edurite ICSE 4 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD
Edurite ICSE 4 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD

Edurite ICSE 4 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD

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ICSE Class 4 Combo DVD

Help your kids excel in the studies with the constructive study materials designed by the Edurite. However, ICSE class 4 combo DVD prepared by the Edurite team is a well-acknowledged product that allows students to improve their interest in learning. Its intriguing and colorful animations with fun-filled and interactive exercises will make each study time exciting for your little one. In brief, through Edurites ICSE class 4 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD, students learning method gets improved and they get desired marks in the exams.
Edurites ICSE class 4 combo DVD has been ideally designed by putting together a good number of topics that impart adequate information about the prescribed syllabus. The ICSE board is one of Indias eminent academic boards dedicated to providing a worthwhile learning pattern for the betterment of the students. However, it carries a progressive learning approach that leads to an overall development of the students and based on the ICSE class 4 syllabus, Edurite has prepared this learning tool to make each study time memorable.
The ICSE Class 4 Combo DVD covers Mathematics, Computer Science, Science and Social Science, along with all essential topics such as Fractions, Factors and Multiples, Air, Water, and Weather, The Solar System, Microsoft Word, The Northern Mountains, The Southern Plateau, and many others. Most importantly, this combo DVD comprises a vast range of topics, along with the absorbing activities that give students scopes to learn concepts better.

ICSE Class 4 Combo DVD at a glance

  • Cutting-edge animated content with rich graphics
  • Interactive activities and exercises designed for better understanding
  • Chapter-wise coverage of the concepts
  • Bookmark and coverage tracker to measure learning progress

Chapter List

Mathematics Science
Money Safety and First Aid
Multiplication Soil
Division Food - Our Basic Need
Roman Numerals The Green Plants
Addition and Subtraction Force, Work, and Energy
Geometry Air, Water, and Weather
Measurement Adaptations - How Animals Survive
Time Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Fractions Our Food - Teeth and Digestion
Place Value The Solar System;
Factors and Multiples Clothes - Our Protector
Pictorial Representation Adaptations - How Plants Survive
Animals and their Young
Computer Science Social Science
Multimedia The Northern Mountains
Computer Applications Life in the Northern Mountains
Hardware Life in the Northern Plains
Microsoft Word Life in the Western Coastal Plains
Microsoft PowerPoint The Southern Plateau
Windows Accessories The Western Desert
Microsoft Windows LOGO Life in the Eastern Coastal Plains
Life in the Southern Plateau
Our Rights and Duties
People Who Made a Difference
The Coastal Plains and Islands
The Northern Plains
Forests of India
Our Mineral Wealth
Soils of India
Our National Symbols
Our Culture and Heritage
Our Agriculture and Industries
Our Government
Means of Transport
Sending Messages

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