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ICSE is a well-acknowledged academic board that imparts a standard learning pattern for the overall improvement of the students. However, ICSE class 9 Edurite PCMB combo DVD is well-prepared as it is designed based on the updated syllabus. By following this DVD, students can experience a learning zeal, by way of the added examples, coherent explanations and sample tests, the indispensable study assistances that outline one’s learning method.
Mathematics has immeasurable significance in different fields and hence, learning this academic discipline is essential. However, Edurite’s Math DVD designed for ICSE class 9 students is exceptionally valuable as well as instructional as it includes each concept in a precise manner, along with the suitable examples that root each formula in the students’ memory.

ICSE syllabi are well-organized as well as voluminous and hence, each of them impacts through information on different topics. The board provides a great leaning scope to the students and also motivates them by way of the suitable study pattern. However, ICSE class 9 Edurite’s PCMB combo DVD is prepared based on the prescribed syllabus and hence, it is useful and intriguing in all manners. Its engaging examples, easy to follow explanations and sample tests are remarkably useful in sharpening mastery in each chapter.
Learning science is a way to get acquainted with the world around us and this subject should be learnt by way of a vast number of examples and explanations. However, the students’ inclination towards the real facts of all natural occurrences should be nurtured properly and in this respect, ICSE class 9 Edurite’s DVD is favorable. In brief, this DVD allows students to learn each concept better.

Chapter list

  Physics     Chemistry
1 Estimation and Units   1 Matter and its Composition
2  Measurement of Length, Volume, Time and Mass   2 Study of Gas Laws
3  Motion in One Dimension   3 Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
4  Laws of Motion   4  Separation of Mixtures
5  Pressure in Fluids and Atmospheric Pressure   5  The Language of Chemistry
6  Upthrust in Fluids and Archimedes' Principle   6  Atmospheric Pollution
7 Floatation and Relative Density   7  Chemical Change / Reaction and Energy Changes
8  Heat   8  Types of Chemical Change
9  Transfer of Heat   9  Burning
10  Energy Flow and Conservation of Resources   10  Water
11  Reflection of Light at a Plane Surface   11  Solutions
12  Spherical Mirrors   12   Water Pollution
13  Propagation of Sound Waves   13   Chemical Properties of Water
14  Static Electricity   14 The Periodic Table
15   Current Electricity   15  The Periodic Table
16  Magnetism   16  Atmospheric Pollution
  Biology     Mathematics
1  Introducing Biology   1  Rational and Irrational Numbers
2  Living, Non-Living And The Dead   2  Profit, Loss and Discount
3  Cell : The Unit of Life   3  Compound Interest
4  Tissues : Plant and Animal Tissues   4  Expansions
5  The Flower   5  Factorisation
6  Seeds - Structure and Germination   6 Changing the Subject of a Formula
7  Respiration in Plants   7   Linear Equations in One Variable
8  Ecosystems   8  Simultaneous (Linear) Equations
9  Five Kingdom Classification   9  Graphical Solution
10  Economic Importance of Bacteria   10  Indices
11  Nutrition   11  Triangles
12  Digestive System   12  Congruency of Triangles
13  "Skin - ""The Jack of All Trades"""   13  Isosceles Triangles
14  The Respiratory System   14  Inequalities
15  Diseases : Cause and Control   15  Construction
16  Hygiene - [A Key to Healthy Life]   16  Mid-point and Intercept Theorems
      17  Similarity of Figures
      18  Pythagoras Theorem
      19  Rectilinear Figures
      20  Quadrilaterals
      21  Area
      22  Statistics
      23  Mean and Median
      24  Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures
      25  Solids
      26  Trigonometrical Ratios
      27   Trigonometrical Ratios of Standard Angles
      28  Solution of Right Triangles
      29  Co-ordinate Geometry

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