Edurite ICSE 2 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD
Edurite ICSE 2 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD

Edurite ICSE 2 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD

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Introduce your kids to a vast number of advantages of the multimedia learning. Intriguing animations and fun, as well as interactive exercises, will make learning easy and exciting for your child.
The ICSE class 2 Combo DVD has been suitably designed by the experienced educators and it is a great combo that includes all learning assistances. The ICSE board is one of well-acknowledged boards in India and it is dedicated to imparting progressive and valuable education in shaping the student's career. This eminent board maintains a standard academic quality that leads to the students desired career options in the future.
However, Edurites ICSE class 2 combo DVD covers some elementary subjects, including Science, Mathematics, Social Science and Computer Science. Learning various topics like Types of Plants, Multiplication, Geometry, Input and Output Devices and Time will be interesting as well as engaging with this combo DVD. Besides, its fun-filled exercises and interactive activities keep kids motivated towards learning and they will feel happy to watch this DVD again and again. In brief, this excellent learning tool makes each study session worthwhile. You can watch the demo videos and get acquainted with this way of learning.

Have a look at ICSE Class 2 Combo DVD:

  • Animated texts, along with the rich graphics aid and voice-overs
  • Interactive and useful exercises to reinforce the expertise
  • A vast coverage of key concepts
  • Coverage tracker and added assessment tool to measure learning improvement

    Chapter List:

    Mathematics Science
    Money Housing and Clothing
    Subtraction Types of plants
    Addition Animals that help us
    Multiplication Bones and muscles
    Place Value up to 200 Air around us
    Place Value up to 1000 Light and Shadow
    Addition and Subtraction of Bigger Numbers Rocks and minerals
    More Multiplication Wild Animals
    Geometry Uses of Plants
    Measurement Water
    Time Water Cycle
    Keeping safe
    Air Can Move Things
    Food for health
    Computer Science Social Science
    Parts of a Computer Directions
    Input and Output Devices Learning from Others
    Introduction to a Computer Mahatma Gandhi
    Hardware Neighborhood Services
    Our Earth
    The Family
    We Need Food
    We Wear Clothes
    Our Houses
    Our Neighborhood
    At School

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