Edurite ICSE 5 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD
Edurite ICSE 5 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD

Edurite ICSE 5 Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Social Science Combo DVD

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ICSE Class 5 Combo DVD

Help your kid excel in studies by giving him the Edurites ICSE class 5 combo DVD that includes a good number of interesting activities with animated content. Besides, this combo DVD offers fun-filled and interactive exercises that will make learning exciting and worthwhile. However, following this combo DVD is a great way to review each learned chapter added in the ICSE class 5 syllabus.
To achieve desired marks in the tests, students must do a thorough revision and for that, well-prepared study materials are indispensable. Here, Edurite has brought a great learning solution for ICSE class 5 students as through this Combo DVD, one can learn a detailed information about each topic. Additionally, this learning aid is praiseworthy due to its added activities and exercises that allow one to work on each skill before the final exam.
Edurites ICSE Class 5 Combo DVD covers all basic subjects, including Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, and Social Science. Learning different topics from the measurement of volume, percentage, a temperature to health and hygiene became easier and interesting through this combo learning tool. Besides, this combo pack helps students in assessing their strong and weak areas in each subject and also guides them to improve each skill as per the requirement. Moreover, the added demo videos are useful to get a brief information about this engaging learning aid.

The Merits of ICSE Class 5 Combo DVD at a glance:

  • Animated content by covering a vast range of topics
  • Interactive exercises that strengthen one's expertise
  • Maintain a right sequence of all key concepts
  • User-friendly coverage tracker to evaluate progress

Chapter List

Mathematics Science
Decimals Growing Plants
Money Health and Hygiene
Percentage Force, Work, and Energy
Temperature Rocks, Soil, and Minerals
Measurement of Volume Earth, Sun, and Moon
Measurement Safety and First Aid
Pictorial Representation Essential for Life: Air and Water
The Four Operations Skeletal System and Nervous System
Fractions Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Tidal Waves
Factors and Multiples Amazing Animals
Basics of Geometry Solids, Liquids and Gases
Perimeter and Area
Large Numbers
Circles and Triangles
Computer Science Social Science
Introduction to the Internet Climate
Working with the Internet DRC - The Land of Dense Forests
Microsoft PowerPoint Greenland - The Land of Ice and Snow
Microsoft Excel Gandhiji Leads the Nation
Microsoft Windows LOGO How the United Nations Works
Programming Concepts Living Longer and Healthier Lives
Operating Systems Recording and Communicating Knowledge
Networking Concepts Saudi Arabia - The Land of Hot Sands
Some People Never Die
The Age of Machines
The Birth of the United Nations
The British Raj and the Revolt of 1857
The Struggle for Independence
The Globe - A Model of the Earth
Grasslands of the Temperate Zone

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