Edurite ICSE 8 Science And Maths Combo DVD
Edurite ICSE 8 Science And Maths Combo DVD

Edurite ICSE 8 Science And Maths Combo DVD

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ICSE is an eminent academic board and its course structures are well-appreciated due to its standard. The board takes suitable measures to provide an improved learning platform to the students. However, Edurites ICSE class 8 Maths DVD is a useful learning tool that allows students to nurture their basic skills before appearing in the tests. In addition to this, the added exercises and examples ease the students learning method and make them ready for each Math exam.
Mathematics is a subject of structures, numbers and other relevant matters. However, students are getting introduced to different Math concepts based on their academic standard. To hone the mathematical skill, one must do rigorous practice, along with a thorough understanding of basic concepts. Here, Edurite's DVDs designed for Math are great study help as each of these makes learning this subject simple as well as worthy.


ICSE Science syllabi are well-evaluated and valuable and hence, each of these is an important study material that not only imparts a vast range of information, but also motivates students in learning this subject. However, only reading the theories is not enough, until students get confidence to apply these in a practical manner. Therefore, the right study material is indispensable and in this respect, Edurite's ICSE class 8 Maths DVD is a noteworthy practice material. This DVD comprises a good number of exercises that hone the students expertise. Additionally, its animated content is good enough to revise each chapter when students get stuck in solving questions.
Science is a subject of learning and exploring new things and hence, to know this academic discipline properly, one must go through a vast number of explanations, along with pertinent examples so as to build a sound knowledge in each topic. However, Edurites DVDs designed for Science are the great solutions for all learning hassles.

Chapter list

Mathematics Physics
Circles Heat
Constructions (Using Ruler and Compasses Only) More About Energy
Factorisation Refraction of Light
Fractions Static Electricity
Profit, Loss and Discount The Universe
Ratio and Proportion Current Electricity
Sets Lenses
Symmetry, Reflection and Rotation Magnetism
Triangles Kinetic Theory of Matter
Squares and Square Roots Pressure
Relations and Mappings Archimedes' Principle [Including Density and Relative Density]
Fundamental Geometrical Concepts Electromagnet and Electromagnetic Induction
Formulae Optical Instruments [Including Eye and its Defects]
Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures
Volume and Surface Area (Cuboid and Cube) Biology
Linear Graphs Useful Microorganisms and Plants(Agricultural Practices)
Fundamental Concepts ( Including Operations on Algebraic Expressions) S Health and Hygiene
Congruency of Triangles (Including Isosceles Triangles and Pythagoras Theorem) Pollution
Arithmetic-Mean, Mode and Median) Some Useful Animals
Number System Nervous System and Sense Organs
Exponents Conservation
Percent and Percentage Endocrine System(Hormonal Control)
Polygon The Circulatory System In Human Beings,Blood
Quadrilateral Germination of Seeds
Graphical Representation of Statistical Data Plants:Absorption,Conduction,Ascent of Sap
Decimal Fractions Transpiration
H.C.F. and L.C.M. Sexual and Asexual Reproduction in Animals
Simplifications Sexual and Asexual Reproduction in Plants
Unitary Method (Including Time and Work)
Special Products and Expansions Chemistry
Simplifying Algebraic Fractions Hydrogen
Speed, Distance and Time Metals and Non-metals
Interest (Simple and Compound) Physical Change, Chemical Change and Chemical Reactions
Linear Inequations : Number Line Types of Chemical Reaction and Electrolysis
Venn-Diagrams Structure of Atom
Linear Equations in One Variable Pure Substances - Purification
Simultaneous Equations Chemical Equations and Calculation Based on them
Ordered Pair; Cartesian Product Amorphous Forms of Carbon
Area Propositions Fuels and Combustion
Quadratic Equation Crystalline Forms of Carbon
Collection and Tabulation of Data

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