Edurite MH Board Class 6 Maths And Science Combo DVD

Edurite MH Board Class 6 Maths And Science Combo DVD

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Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is an eminent board of education with a great vision of providing a better academic platform for the students. Therefore, the board has prepared praiseworthy syllabi for all classes and also makes the entire learning method constructive as well as valuable.
However, Edurites MH Board class 6 Maths DVD is prepared by following the prescribed syllabus and it helps students in working on their learning skills before the exams. This DVD includes a good number of examples, along with the coherent explanations and sample tests. In brief, this learning aid assists students to root each concept deeply into their memory for their further progress in academics.

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is a standard academic board, which is known for its praiseworthy learning method and constructive course structures. Based on a thorough research, the board amends each syllabus from time to time and also adopts required measures for an overall improvement of the students.
Science is an intriguing academic discipline that teaches the facts behind each incident to the students. However, the students interests need to be nurtured properly through the right learning materials that can motivate them to explore and learn new things. However, Edurites MH Board class 6 Science DVD has been designed by syncing with the prescribed syllabus. Hence, this DVD is a great learning resource for the students in all manners.

Mathematics Science
1 Algebraic Expressions 1 Characteristics of Living Things
2 Integers 2 Classification of Living Things
3 Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers 3 Force
4 Percentage 4 Measurement
5 Profit and Loss 5 Organ Systems
6 Ratio and Proportion 6 Our Environment
7 Simple Interest 7 Work and Energy
8 Angle 8 Simple Machines
9 Area 9 Parts of Plants and Their Structure
10 Bar Graphs 10 Methods of Separating Substances
11 Circle 11 Our Earth and Its Special Features
12 Decimal Fractions - Division 12 Motion and Types of Motion
13 Divisibility 13 Social Environment
14 Equations with One Variable
15 Geometric Constructions
16 Indices
17 Pairs of Angles
18 Perimeter
19 Point, Line, Plane
20 Properties of Triangles
21 Squares and Square Roots
22 Triangles and Types of Triangles
23 Volume
24 Order of Operations and the Use of Brackets
25 Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions