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Karnataka State Board Class 12 PCMB Combo DVD

Karnataka State Board Class 12 PCMB Combo DVD

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Class 12 is an important academic stage where students must be aware about their interest and preferred career aspects. They must take suitable measures towards achieving their academic goals. It is also important for the students as based on the class 12 result, they can plan their future studies. In brief, class 12 marks are the basic criteria to get admitted in the next level of study. Therefore, class 12 study method should be constructive so that each student can work on his expertise and skill. Karnataka State board Mathematics DVD is prepared by the experienced subject experts and it includes a good number of explanations along with the animation and useful exercises. Moreover, this DVD is a great learning resource that not only imparts adequate information, but also allows us to keep that in memory for a longer time.

Physics is a prominent part of science and students start getting acquainted with its theories in the secondary level classes. However, class 12 physics syllabus is quite vast and it develops a sound base for the further studies. However, Physics is an important academic discipline and it offers a good number of career opportunities. Moreover, to attain a good base in Physics, students must learn class 12 Physics syllabus thoroughly. Here, Edurite offers a class 12 Physics DVD based on the Karnataka State Board syllabus that inculcates a detailed information about various topics, along with the coherent explanations and examples. Besides, animation and interactive exercises are some prominent features of this well-acknowledged learning tool.

Chemistry is another prominent branch of science stream and it is all about the study of composition, properties of matters and their structures, atoms and many more. This is a practical oriented academic discipline and it motivates students to explore and learn. Keeping in mind the student’s inclination towards scrutinizing and learning, Edurite has designed a compact DVD for class 12 chemistry. However, it is formed in tune with the Karnataka State board syllabus. Most importantly, this DVD comprises a good number of pertinent explanations and interactive exercises that help students to imprint the concepts in their memory.

Biology is another intriguing branch of science, which is all about the study of life and living entities. Students need a thorough study help in understanding the basic concepts of this subject and here, Edurite offers an interactive DVD designed for class 12 Biology. Based on the syllabus of the Karnataka State Board, this DVD is structured and help students in achieving good marks in the exam. It is a well-designed learning resource and its easy to follow examples and explanations are valuable in all respects. In brief, this DVD makes learning Biology easy, effective and engaging.

Chapter list

   Physics     Chemistry
1 Electric Charges and Fields 1 The Solid State
2  Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance 2  Solutions
3  Current Electricity 3  Electrochemistry
4  Moving Charges and Magnetism 4  Chemical Kinetics
5  Magnetism and Matter 5  Surface Chemistry
6  Electromagnetic Induction 6  General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
7  Alternating Current 7  The p-Block Elements
8  Electromagnetic Waves 8  The d- and f- Block Elements
9  Ray Optics and Optical Instruments 9  Coordination Compounds
10  Wave Optics 10  Haloalkanes And Haloarenes
11  Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter 11  Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
12  Atoms 12  Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
13  Nuclei 13  Amines
14  Semiconductor Electronics: Materials,Devices and Simple Circuits 14  Biomolecules
15  Communication Systems 15  Polymers
    16  Chemistry in Everyday Life
   Mathematics    Biology
1  Relations and Functions 1 Reproduction in Organisms
2  Inverse Trigonometric Functions 2  Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
3  Matrices 3  Human Reproduction
4  Determinants 4  Reproductive Health
5  Continuity and Differentiability 5  Principles of Inheritance and Variation
6  Application of Derivatives 6  Molecular Basis of Inheritance
7  Integrals 7  Evolution
8  Application of Integrals 8  Human Health and Disease
9  Differential Equations 9  Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
10  Vector Algebra 10  Microbes in Human Welfare
11  Three Dimensional Geometry 11  Biotechnology : Principles and Processes
12  Linear Programming 12  Biotechnology and its Applications
13  Probability 13  Organisms and Populations
    14  Ecosystem
    15  Biodiversity and Conservation
    16  Environmental Issues