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Class 7 Maths and Science combo DVD for Karnataka State Board

Class 7 Maths and Science combo DVD for Karnataka State Board

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Most students find Math tough and challenging and hence, they must do rigorous practice to get it easy and convenient to learn. To make this subject interesting, students must follow a favorable learning method that includes valuable and engaging practice materials, along with the adequate number of examples. Keeping this aspect in mind, Edurite brings an exceptional learning tool- Karnataka State Board class 7 Maths DVD that delineates each concept with a good number of examples and hence, it makes learning Math easy and effective. Besides, its interactive activities and exercises are additional attractions that add value to the learnt concepts.
Science is a subject that allows students to explore their surroundings and also makes them familiar with the facts of each natural occurrence. Learning science is itself a gift for the students as it delineates each concept clearly and also opens a new door of knowledge for us. It boosts our inquisitiveness and also motivates us in exploring things. However, Karnataka State Board class 7 Science DVD prepared by Edurite is a great study material that outlines the students’ overall learning method and also allows them to stay abreast of the latest information.


Chapter list

   Mathematics    Science
1 Algebra 1  Acids, Bases and Salts
2  Circles 2  Air
3  Construction of Triangles 3  Heat
4  Integers 4  Light
5  Mensuration 5  Soil
6  Ratio and Proportion 6  Sound
7  Sets 7  Water
8  Exponents 8  Organisation in the Living Bodies
9  Numbers and Numerals 9  Energy
10  Fraction, Decimals and Percentage 10  Agricultural Practices
11  Statistics and Graphs 11  Telecommunication
12  Simple (Linear) Equation 12  Nature and Composition of Matter
13  Decimals and Percentage 13  Food, Health & Diseases
14  Fractions 14  Life Processes (Part-1)
15  Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions 15  Life Processes (Part-2)
16  Banking and Simple Interest, Discount and Commission 16  Measurement in our Daily Life