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Karnataka State Board 9 Science and Maths Combo DVD

Karnataka State Board 9 Science and Maths Combo DVD

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Mathematics is a subject related to numbers and structure and students are introduced with different Math concepts in each academic standard. However, knowing Math concepts precisely is imperative to develop a good base in this subject as Math is well-acknowledged in many sectors starting from research to banking. Here, Edurite’s Karnataka State Board class 9 Maths DVD is a distinguished learning aid that allows students to learn this subject in a step by step manner. Its animated explanations and interactive exercises are favorable for the students and most importantly, these aspects improve their inclination towards this subject.
Science, a subject that imparts equal practical and theoretical information and studying this subject itself gives a memorable learning experience to the students. However, this subject is best learnt with the help of audio-visual aid. Students often find these animated explanations and visual aids valuable as each of them provides coherent content. However, Edurite’s Karnataka State Board class 9 Science DVD is an accumulation of essential topics starting from circular motion, gravitation to chemical bonding. Moreover, this DVD makes learning effective as well as easy at home.

Chapter list

   Physics     Chemistry
1 Heat 1  Synthetic Materials  
2  Nature of Light 2  Chemicals in Our Daily Life
3  Properties of Matter 3  Electronic Configuration
4  Lens 4  Chemical Bonding
5  Optical Instruments 5  Radio Activity
6  Circular Motion    
7  Electromagnetic Radiation    
8  Gravitation    
9  Photo Electric Effect and Laser    
10  Electricity    
11  Radio Activity    
12  The Sun    
   Mathematics    Biology
1  Square Root 1 Natural Resources
2  Real Numbers 2  Food
3  Surds 3  Classification of Living Organisms
4  Sets 4  The World of Microbes
5  Statistics 5  Biogeochemical Cycles
6  Banking 6  Excretion in Animals
7  Compound Interest 7  Life Processes
8  Ratio and Proportion 8  Cell Division
9  Multiplication of Polynomials 9  Reproduction in Animals
10  Factorisation 10  Evolution of Life
11  HCF and LCM    
12  Division    
13  Simultaneous Linear Equations    
14  Variation    
15  Polygons    
16  Quadrilaterals    
17  Theorems and Problems on Parallelograms    
18  Circles    
19  Concurrency in Triangles    
20  Mensuration