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Class 11 PCMB Combo DVD for MH Board

Class 11 PCMB Combo DVD for MH Board

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Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is an eminent academic board that takes suitable measures from time to time to provide a standard education to the students in the State. The board develops the praiseworthy syllabi that not only meet the studentsŠ—È learning requirements, but also motivate them for the further studies.
Edurite class 11 Mathematics DVD designed by following the Maharashtra State Board curriculum is a convenient study material that makes the studentsŠ—È learning process easy as well as effective. The added examples, pertinent explanations and the sample tests impart an excellent learning experience to the students.
Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education had done a thorough research and prescribed an improved learning pattern for students in the State. However, Maharashtra State Board syllabi are well-acknowledged as well as favorable for the students in all manners.
Science is an interesting academic discipline that imparts adequate information about our surroundings and hence, it intrigues every student. However, the right study materials matter a lot of the students and their overall academic improvement. MH Board class 11 PCMB Combo DVD designed by Edurite is a great learning resource as it gives students the chance to learn each concept better.


Chapter list

ξ ξPhysics ξ ξChemistry
1 ξCurrent Electricity 1 ξSome Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2 ξElectromagnetic Waves 2 ξStates of Matter
3 ξElectrostatics 3 ξStructure of Atom
4 ξForce 4 ξPeriodic Table
5 ξMagnetism 5 ξRedox Reactions
6 ξMeasurements 6 ξChemical Equilibrium
7 ξRefraction of Light 7 ξSurface Chemistry
8 ξMagnetic Effect of Electric Current 8 ξNature of Chemical Bond
9 ξThermal Expansion 9 ξHydrogen
10 ξScalars and Vectors 10 ξs-Block Elements
11 ξProjectile Motion 11 ξp-Block Elements
12 ξFriction in Solids and Liquids 12 ξBasic principles and techniques in organic chemistry
13 ξSound Waves 13 ξAlkanes
14 ξRay Optics 14 ξAlkenes
ξ ξ 15 ξAlkynes
ξ ξ 16 ξAromatic Compounds
ξ ξ 17 ξEnvironmental Chemistry
ξ ξMathematics ξ ξBiology
1 ξDeterminants 1 Diversity in Organisms
2 ξLogarithms 2 ξKingdom plantae
3 ξMatrices 3 ξBiochemistry of Cell
4 ξPermutations and Combinations 4 ξCell Division
5 ξQuadratic Equations 5 ξMorphology of Flowering Plants
6 ξSequences and Series 6 ξPlant Water Relations and Mineral Nutrition
7 ξVectors 7 ξPlant Growth and Development
8 ξSets, Relations and Functions 8 ξKingdom Animalia
9 ξIntegration 9 ξOrganisation of Cell
10 ξComplex Numbers 10 ξStudy of Animal Tissues
11 ξLimits 11 ξStudy of Animal Type
12 ξLinear Inequations 12 ξHuman Nutrition
13 ξStatistics 13 ξHuman Respiration
14 ξMathematical Induction and The Binomial Theorem 14 ξHuman Skeleton and Locomotion
15 ξDifferentiation ξ ξ
16 ξAngle and It's Measurement ξ ξ
17 ξFactorization Formulae ξ ξ
18 ξTrigonometric Functions ξ ξ
19 ξCircle and Conics ξ ξ
20 ξProbability ξ ξ
21 ξTrigonometric Functions of Compound Angles ξ ξ
22 ξLocus ξ ξ
23 ξStraight Line ξ ξ