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MH Board Class 12 PCMB Combo DVD

MH Board Class 12 PCMB Combo DVD

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Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is a prominent academic board and it was started with a great vision of providing a quality education to the students. The board believes in an overall enhancement in the society and for that, it designs suitable course structures for each subject that not only impart adequate information, but also guide students towards a better life. It is true that education is the aspect that makes life improved and enriched.ξ

However, EduriteŠ—Ès MH Board class 12 PCMB combo DVD is a great learning aid that not only encourages students in learning, but also hones their skills. The coherent explanations, examples and sample tests make this DVD an indispensable learning help that allows each student to remember each concept for a longer time.

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or MH Board came into existence with an objective of offering a better academic platform to the students. The board had developed standard course structure for each academic discipline and also takes suitable measures from time to time.
Science is a vital subject that opens up many unknown things to us. In brief, it unfolds the facts behind many natural incidents. However, the study materials of science should be well-developed so that students do not lose their interest in this subject and they can learn each chapter in a thorough manner. However, EduriteŠ—Ès MH Board class 12 PCMB combo DVD is an amalgamation of all important topics that imparts a vast range of information from the root.



Chapter list

ξ ξPhysics ξ ξChemistry
1 ξCircular Motion 1 ξSolid State
2 ξGravitation 2 ξSolutions and Colligative Properties
3 ξRotational Motion 3 ξChemical Thermodynamics and Energetics
4 ξOscillations 4 ξElectrochemistry
5 ξElasticity 5 ξChemical Kinetics
6 ξSurface Tension 6 ξGeneral Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
7 ξWave Motion 7 ξp - Block Elements
8 ξStationary Waves 8 ξd and f-block Elements
9 ξKinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation 9 ξCoordination Compounds
10 ξWave Theory of Light 10 ξHalogen Derivatives of Alkanes and Arenes
11 ξInterference and Diffraction 11 ξAlcohols, Phenols and Ethers
12 ξElectrostatics 12 ξAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
13 ξCurrent Electricity 13 ξCompounds Containing Nitrogen
14 ξMagnetic Effect of Electric Current 14 ξBiomolecules
15 ξMagnetism 15 ξPolymers
16 ξElectromagnetic Induction 16 ξChemistry in Everyday Life
17 ξElectrons and Photons ξ ξ
18 ξAtom, Molecule and Nuclei ξ ξ
19 ξSemiconductors ξ ξ
20 ξCommunication System ξ ξ
ξ ξMathematics ξ ξBiology
1 ξMathematical Logic 1 ξGenetic Basis of Inheritance
2 ξMatrices 2 ξGene : It's Nature, Expression and Regulation
3 ξTrigonometric Functions 3 ξBiotechnology : Process and Applications
4 ξCircle 4 ξEnhancement in Food Production
5 ξVectors 5 ξMicrobes in Human Welfare
6 ξThree Dimensional Geometry 6 ξPhotosynthesis
7 ξLine 7 ξRespiration
8 ξPlane 8 ξReproduction in Plants
9 ξLinear Programming 9 ξOrganisms and Environment - I
10 ξContinuity 10 ξOrigin and Evolution of Life
11 ξDifferentiation 11 ξChromosomal Basis of Inheritance
12 ξApplications of Derivatives 12 ξGenetic Engineering and Genomics
13 ξIntegration 13 ξHuman Health and Diseases
14 ξDefinite Integral 14 ξAnimal Husbandry
15 ξApplications of Definite Integral 15 ξCirculation
16 ξDifferential Equations 16 ξExcretion and Osmoregulation
17 ξProbability Distribution 17 ξControl and Co-ordination
18 ξBinomial distribution 18 ξHuman Reproduction
ξ ξ 19 ξOrganisms and Environment - II