Edurite MH Board Class 7 Maths and Science Combo DVD

Edurite MH Board Class 7 Maths and Science Combo DVD

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Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune is an autonomous body and the main objective of this board is to provide a quality education among the state, so that students can compete with others and make a better base that leads to a successful career.
However, the Edurites DVD for class 7 mathematics is designed by following the updated Maharashtra State Board course structure. Some positive aspects of this combo DVD make it a great solution for the students. In brief, this DVD includes simple examples, worthy to follow explanations and sample questions that impart a valuable learning experience. Besides, it helps students to learn each concept right from its root.


Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education was started with a great vision of providing quality education to the students. Besides, the academic system as well as the syllabi of this board are well-formed, cogent and valuable in all manners and this eminent board imparts a well-acknowledged learning method that brings academic success in the students life.
However, science is an imperative elementary subject that makes students understand about the root of each natural occurrence and scientific development. In brief, it is an intriguing subject and learning this academic discipline should be accomplished in a step-by-step manner. However, Edurites DVD class 7 science is prepared based on the updated syllabus of Maharashtra State Board. Most importantly, this DVD is a great learning aid as it allows students to inculcate required information in their memory that leads to success in their future studies.

Chapter list

Mathematics Science
1 Indices 1 Acids, Bases and Salts
2 Averages 2 Control and Co-ordination
3 Variation 3 Natural Resources
4 Product of Algebraic Expressions 4 Properties of Water
5 Construction of Triangles 5 Classification of Substances
6 Equations in One Variable 6 Transmission of Heat
7 Simple Interest 7 Water - A Natural Resource
8 Rational Numbers 8 Propagation of Light
9 Operations on Rational Numbers 9 Effects of Heat
10 Profit and Loss 10 The Organisation of Living Things
11 Congruence 11 Reproduction in Living Things
12 Types of Quadrilaterals 12 Circulation of Blood
13 Area 13 Sound - Production of Sound
14 Identity 14 Electric Charge
15 Factors of Algebraic Expressions 15 Food and Nutrition
16 Joint Bar Graphs 16 Food and Protection of Food
17 Volume and Surface Area 17 Health and Disease
18 Circle 18 Propagation of Sound
19 Construction of Quadrilaterals

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