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MH Board Class 9 Maths And Science Combo DVD

MH Board Class 9 Maths And Science Combo DVD

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Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is a prominent academic board that prepares suitable course structure for each class and also encourages students to prepare well for their exams. However, this board was started with an objective of providing a standard academic platform to the students among the state. Therefore, the board had adopted suitable measures and make learning engaging and valuable.
EduriteŠ—Ès DVDs for mathematics are prepared based on the Maharashtra State Board syllabi. MH Board class 9 Maths DVD is an excellent study document that includes a good number of examples, coherent explanations and sample tests that make learning Math easy as well as effective. Most importantly, it helps students to root the concepts in memory in a thorough manner.

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education was established to cater to the studentsŠ—È learning requirements in a thorough manner. The board promotes a favorable learning method for the overall development of the students. Therefore, you can see a state of the art learning process followed by the students, who are studying under this board.

Science is an elementary subject that imparts an adequate information on different topics. It is an indispensable academic discipline that makes us prepared for different competitive exams. However, the studentsŠ—È interest towards science has to be motivated with the right study materials. Therefore, students feel good to explore and learn. However, EduriteŠ—Ès MH Board class 9 Science DVD is a great learning tool that gives students a chance to learn the topics better.

Chapter list

ξ ξPhysics ξ ξChemistry
1 Moving Objects 1 ξWorld of Matter
2 ξThe Laws of Motion 2 ξUnderstanding Matter
3 ξThe Pull of the Earth 3 ξInside the Atom
4 ξWhy Bodies Float 4 ξCounting Matter
5 ξEnergy :The Driving Force ξ ξ
6 ξThe Music of Sound ξ ξ


ξ ξMathematics ξ ξBiology
1 ξSets 1 ξCell: The Unit of Life
2 ξReal Numbers 2 ξLife: Simple and Complex
3 ξAlgebraic Expressions 3 ξLife Around You
4 ξLinear Equations in Two Variables 4 ξHighway to Health
5 ξGraphs 5 ξQuality Food, Quality Life
6 ξRatio, Proportion and Variation 6 ξBonding with Ecosystems
7 ξStatistics 7 ξSolid Waste : Ecofriendly Management
8 ξLines and Angles ξ ξ
9 ξTriangle ξ ξ
10 ξCongruence of Triangles ξ ξ
11 ξCircle ξ ξ
12 ξQuadrilaterals ξ ξ
13 ξCo-ordinate Geometry ξ ξ
14 ξGeometric Construction ξ ξ
15 ξTrigonometry ξ ξ
16 ξMensuration ξ