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Class 12 PCMB DVD Based on Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus

Class 12 PCMB DVD Based on Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus

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Samacheer Kalvi or Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School education is a prominent academic system, which was started due to the painstaking effort of several senior academicians and educational activists. By following the Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School Education Act 2010, this favorable system was first applied for the classes I and VI in 2010. However, this academic system has brought a uniformity, a noticeable change in the pattern of education. In brief, it makes learning effective, engaging as well as affordable for the students.

EduriteŠ—Ès Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi class 12 PCMB DVD comprises the important information about the course structure of chemistry, physics, math and biology. This DVD includes a good number of topics, explained with the help of audio and graphics. Besides, pertinent questions, along with the answers of each subject are also added in this DVD to impart a thorough expertise to the students.
Moreover, EduriteŠ—Ès DVDs have been structured under the supervision of expert academicians to make learning fun and favorable.

Some of the prominent aspects of this DVD are:
1. A vast coverage of the topics included in each chapter
2. Simple and easy to follow delineation of the concepts with interactive examples explained through visual media, providing better retention.
3. Engaging animations and intriguing study activities to add value to the expertise
4. Added self-testing tool to track studentsŠ—È overall improvement
5. Valuable exam tips to accelerate studentsŠ—È confidence

Chapter List

ξ ξPhysics ξ ξChemistry
1 Current Electricity 1 Biomolecules
2 Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current 2 Nuclear Chemistry
3 Electrostatics 3 Surface Chemistry
4 Effects of Electric Current 4 d-Block Elements
5 Nuclear Physics 5 f-Block Elements
6 Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Optics 6 Chemistry in Action
7 Atomic Physics 7 Ethers
8 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter and Relativity 8 Coordination Compounds and Bio-coordination Compounds
9 Semiconductor Devices and their Applications 9 Chemical kinetics-II
10 Communication Systems 10 Hydroxy Derivatives
ξ ξ 11 Carbonyl Compounds
ξ ξ 12 Carboxylic Acids
ξ ξ 13 Organic Nitrogen Compounds
ξ ξ 14 Isomerism in Organic Chemistry
ξ ξ 15 Atomic Structure-II
ξ ξ 16 Periodic Classification-II
ξ ξ 17 p-Block Elements-II
ξ ξ 18 Solid State-II
ξ ξ 19 Thermodynamics-II
ξ ξ 20 Chemical Equilibrium-II
ξ ξ 21 Electrochemistry-I
ξ ξ 22 Electrochemistry-II
ξ ξ
ξ ξMathematics ξ ξBotanyξ
1 Vector Algebra 1 Types of classification
2 Analytical Geometry 2 Dicot Families
3 Applications of Matrices and Determinants 3 Plant Anatomy
4 Complex Numbers 4 Chromosomes
5 Differential Equations 5 Gene and Genome
6 Integral Calculus and its Applications 6 Linkage and crossing over
7 Discrete Mathematics 7 Mutation
8 Probability Distributions 8 Chromosomal Aberrations
9 Differential Calculus Applications-I 9 DNA as a Genetic Material
10 Differential Calculus Applications-II 10 Structural of RNA and its Types
ξ ξ 11 Genetic Code
ξ ξ 12 Biotechnology
ξ ξ 13 Enzymes
ξ ξZoology 14 Photosynthesis
1 Nutrition 15 Respiration
2 Digestion 16 Plant growth
3 Bones and Joints 17 Food Production
4 Respiration 18 Genetically Modified Food
5 Circulation 19 Sustained Agriculture
6 Co-ordination system ξ ξ
7 Chemical Co-ordination ξ ξ
8 Receptor Organs ξ ξ
9 Excretion ξ ξ
10 Reproduction ξ ξ
11 Microbiology ξ ξ
12 Immunology ξ ξ
13 Human Genetics ξ ξ
14 Human Population and Explosion Issues ξ ξ
15 Global Warming: Green House Effect ξ ξ
16 Waste Management ξ ξ
17 Biodiversity Conservation ξ ξ
18 Fresh Water Crisis and Management ξ ξ
19 Livestock and Management ξ ξ
20 Apiculture ξ ξ
21 Medical Lab Techniques ξ ξ
22 Theories of Evolution ξ ξ
23 Aquaculture ξ ξ