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Class 9 PCMB Based on Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus

Class 9 PCMB Based on Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi Syllabus

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Make learning interesting as well as beneficial by following the Edurite’s Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi class 9 PCMB DVD. This user friendly DVD includes a good number of topics added in the class 9 Science course structure prescribed by the Samacheer Kalvi (Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School Education). However, the added animated images, informative voice lectures and simple examples make this learning aid a one stop solution of the students. Follow this DVD and learn Physics, Chemistry and Biology in a distinct manner. However, a good number of examples are incorporated to delineate each concept of Science and hence, this learning tool is instructional as well as intriguing in all manners. Make your learning worthwhile and compact, and for that, follow this DVD by staying at home. Besides, take tests and measure your proficiency level by following the added services and get ready for the forthcoming exam.

Edurite DVDs have been respectively formed under the supervision of expert academicians to make study time absorbing and constructive.

Some of the prominent aspects of this DVD are:
1. A vast coverage of the topics included in each chapter
2. Simple and comprehensive explanation of the topics, along with easy to follow examples and cutting-edge visual aid to improve retention.
3. Captivating animations and engaging activities strengthen the expertise
4. Tests for a thorough self-assessment
5. Convenient to follow


Chapter List

   Physics    Chemistry
1  Electricity 1 Gaseous State
2  Light 2 Organic Compounds
3  Magnetism 3 Industrial Chemistry
4  Sound 4 Solution
5  Mechanics 5 Chemical Equation
6  Hydrostatics 6 Is Matter Around Us Pure?
7  Work, Power, Energy and Heat 7 Periodic Classification of Elements
8  Motion and Liquids 8 Atomic Structure
9  Measuring Instruments 9 Chemical Bonds
   Mathematics    Biology
1  Algebra 1  Natural Resources
2  Statistics 2  Applied Biology
3  Trigonometry 3  Reproduction in Plants
4  Consumer Arithmetic 4  Cancer Biology
5  Practical Geometry 5  Types of Diseases
6  Mensuration 6  Animal Kingdom
7  Geometry 7  Improvement in Food Resources
8  Graphs 8  Bio-geo Chemical Cycle
9  Real Number System 9  Structure and Physiological Functions of Plant
10  Theory of Sets 10  Cells and Tissues
11  Scientific Notations of Real Numbers and Logarithms 11  Human Body Organ System
12  Co-ordinate Geometry 12  Pollution and Ozone Depletion
13  Probability