Edurite Class 4 Mathematics, English And Environmental Science Combo Worksheets
Edurite Class 4 Mathematics, English And Environmental Science Combo Worksheets
Edurite Class 4 Mathematics, English And Environmental Science Combo Worksheets
Edurite Class 4 Mathematics, English And Environmental Science Combo Worksheets
Edurite Class 4 Mathematics, English And Environmental Science Combo Worksheets
Edurite Class 4 Mathematics, English And Environmental Science Combo Worksheets

Edurite Class 4 Mathematics, English And Environmental Science Combo Worksheets

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Key aspects of our worksheets:

  • Bright and captivating pages that engage the kids.
  • A good number of activities that restate the learned concepts
  • The added instructions that allow students to understand the questions
  • Hard and user-friendly pages 
  • Formed by the experienced academicians by following the NCERT curriculum.
  • No of pages added in the Class 4 Mathematics, English & Environmental Science Worksheet- 634

Topics covered in Math (219 Pages)

  1. Applies the given rule to solve the given problem
  2. Apply the concept of addition and discover some number patterns
  3. Apply the concept of addition and subtraction to solve the given problem
  4. Comprehend the concept of average and find the average of two numbers
  5. Comprehend the concept of brick laying pattern
  6. Comprehend the two different ways of writing dates
  7. Comprehend simple word problems and solve them
  8. Solve word problems on week, month and year
  9. Associate days with dates in a calendar
  10. Perform simple calculations to find the age of the given object
  11. Interpret the given passage and solve problems
  12. Interpret the given data and then answer the questions based on the given data
  13. Observe the given pie charts and interpret the data and comprehend the concept of bar graph
  14. Comprehend the given poem and the passage and then count the number of repeated words, letters
  15. Identify the circle as the basic shape of different objects
  16. Comprehend the terms related to a circle, semicircle, diameter and radius
  17. Comprehend the concept of concentric circles and also draw them with different radii
  18. Recognize the given pattern and decode a message
  19. Comprehend the concept of dimensions and faces of a given object
  20. Draw a three-dimensional figure by joining the dots
  21. Comprehend the concept of length and boundary
  22. Demonstrate the understanding of the concept of reading a scale
  23. Calculate the perimeter of the given objects
  24. Comprehend the concept of distances and measures
  25. Apply the concept of division on the given numbers and also comprehend the term remainder
  26. Comprehend the concept of doubling a number
  27. Comprehend the concept of fractions, addition, subtraction and ascending-descending order
  28. Comprehend the concept of equivalent fractions and one-half, one-quarter and three-quarter
  29. Comprehend the concept of conversion of different units of measurement of liquids
  30. Apply the concept of addition, subtraction and division to solve statement problems
  31. Interpret the given map
  32. Comprehend the usage of centimeters, meters and kilometers
  33. Money, comprehend the concept of profit and loss
  34. Demonstrate the understanding of the concept of multiplication
  35. Complete three different designs by following a pattern
  36. Shape Pattern, Designing and comparing patterns
  37. Pascals Triangle
  38. Convert the 12-hour clock to a 24-hour clock
  39. Multiplication table of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  40. Multiply by 10, 100
  41. Division
  42. Comprehend the concept of time by drawing the hands/arms of the clock
  43. Comprehend the concept of directions by reading the compass
  44. Compare the standard weights to weigh the given objects

Topics covered in English (240 Pages)

  1. Identifies words and their spellings
  2. Adjectives and Adverbs
  3. Analogy
  4. Antonyms and synonyms
  5. Correlate words with proper prefixes
  6. Associate verbs with appropriate phrases
  7. Identifies words appropriate to the content, complete the passage
  8. Use words to form questions
  9. Articles
  10. Complete similes with the right associations
  11. Use punctuations marks and capital letters
  12. Correlate words to form common collocations
  13. Compound words
  14. Identifies common words
  15. Use appropriate conjunctions
  16. Form grammatically correct sentences and meaningful sentences
  17. Differentiate between the use of single and double?
  18. Write the full form of contractions
  19. Homonyms and homophones
  20. Idioms
  21. Comprehension
  22. Vocabulary building
  23. Prepositions
  24. Proverbs
  25. Identify rhyming words
  26. Recognize silent letters
  27. Singular and plural

Topics covered in Environmental Science (182 Pages)

  1. Adaptation in Animals
  2. Building Materials
  3. Cultivation
  4. Eating Together
  5. Evaporation
  6. Relate to changes in the structure of families
  7. Associate flowers with their uses
  8. Digestive system
  9. Rules of games and their attributes
  10. Correlate birds with their attributes
  11. Appreciate the concept of camouflage
  12. Discover names of groups of animals
  13. Understand the relationship between habitat and camouflage
  14. Associate handicrafts with the states of origin
  15. Relate currencies to corresponding countries
  16. Parts of a Leaf
  17. Force
  18. Occupation
  19. Pollution
  20. Vegetables
  21. Famous festivals
  22. Find the professionals
  23. Food
  24. Teeth and Their Care
  25. Rivers-Sources, Courses, Pollution, and Protection
  26. Rural and Urban Life
  27. Safety
  28. Social and Solitary
  29. Spices
  30. Indian Languages
  31. Structure of the Earth
  32. Ways we Travel
  33. Trees and Roots


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