About us

Edurite offers a wide range of self-paced learning CDs, which we call EduriteScoreMore, with content based on cognitive learning approach. These helps students with easy understanding and long term retention of complex concepts. We have specific content for CBSE, ICSE and various State Boards.
We also offer a specialized CD package for English called Integrated English that can be used by students and also adults who are looking to improve their English.
For younger children, Kindergarten to Class 6, we have beautiful, coloured worksheets that make it fun for kids to learn.
Consequent to a Business Transfer Agreement entered into between Pearson India Education Services Private Limited (Seller) and Specadel Technologies Private Limited (Acquirer) effective July 1, 2017 please be advised that business operations conducted under the Edurite brand including assets and liabilities are being transferred on an as-is-where-is basis from the Seller to the Acquirer. Please note that all operations including obligations relating to services being rendered to customers of the Edurite brand will be discharged by the Acquirer with effect from July 1, 2017.