Deciphering CBSE's new announcement - Uniform System of Assessment - 3

Scholastic Area (Classes VI to VIII)

Periodic Tests (10 marks):

The schools should conduct three periodic written tests in the entire academic year and the average of the best two will be taken for final marks submission. The schools have the leeway to make its own schedule. Three tests may be held as one being the mid-term test and other two being pre mid and post mid-term with portions of syllabus cumulatively covered.

Notebook Submission (5marks):

Notebook submission is included as part of the internal assessment and is aimed at enhancing seriousness of students towards preparing notes for the topics being taught in classroom as well as assignments. This also addresses the aspect of regularity, neatness, uniformity, punctuality and notebook maintenance.

Discipline (Classes VI to VIII):

The students will also be assessed for the discipline which will be based on the factors like attendance, behaviour, neatness, sincerity, values, respectfulness for rules and regulations, attitude towards society, nation and others. Grading on Discipline will be done term-wise on a 3-point grading scale (A=Outstanding, B=Very Good and C=Fair)

Subject Enrichment Activities (5marks):

These are subject-specific activities aimed at enhancing the understanding and skills of the students. These activities are to be carried out throughout the term; however, they should be evaluated internally by the respective subject teachers at the term-end.

For Languages :

The activities conducted in languages should aim at training the learners to develop effective listening and speaking skills. The language teachers may plan their own methods and parameters for assessment of the languages.

For Mathematics:

For Mathematics related activities, the learning of mathematical concepts must be through concrete materials and hands-on-experiences, relating classroom learning to real life situations.

For Science:

Practical work and activities in Science may be undertaken as suggested by the NCERT Syllabus and Text Books.

For Social Science:

Project work or map may be undertaken as suggested by the NCERT Syllabus and Text Book.

Grading Scale for Scholastic Areas (Classes VI-VIII) Grading Scale for Scholastic Areas (Class-IX)
(School will award grades as per the following grading scale) (School will award grades as per the following grading scale)
91 – 100  A1 91 – 100  A1
81 – 90  A2 81 – 90  A2
71 – 80  B1 71 – 80  B1
61 – 70  B2 61 – 70  B2
51 – 60  C1 51 – 60  C1
41 – 50  C2 41 – 50  C2
33 – 40  D 33 – 40 D
32 & below  E (Needs improvement) 32 & below  E (Failed)


The activities will be graded on a 5-point grading scale (A to E) and will have no descriptive indicators.

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