10 tips for picking the right school for your child! - 2

#2 - Teacher’s qualification and expertise

The school is a place where your child will spend the next 12 years of his/her life. There is more to learning than just infrastructure and facilities. It’s not enough if the school has a huge building, air conditioned classrooms, play areas, laboratories, library and computers. It is essential that you run a complete contextual check; if the school you chose for your child has the finest educated teachers? Furthermore, on an average how many years of experience do teachers in the school have? There is a lot of difference between what the parents are told the teachers qualifications are and the reality on the ground. Request to speak to teachers, rather than spending more time with an admission counsellor who usually talks from a ‘selling’ perspective. A small tête-à-tête can give you immense information on the educators association in the school.

Ask the following:

  • What are the teacher’s educational qualifications?
  • How much experience does a teacher have?
  • Are refresher trainings given to teachers every year?
  • Are background checks conducted on all teachers and other non-teaching support staff to ensure safety of the child?
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