10 tips for picking the right school for your child! - 3

#3 - Board results in Class 10 / Class 12

Come on – who are we kidding? We are Indians and this stuff is important to us!
Every parent is aware that other parents are the best source of school information. Talking to parents of other children studying in the schools shortlisted can be very helpful. Getting feedback on how children are looked after and treated at school is free additional info. Try to get data from neutral sources rather than rely on the school’s marketing website, there are things you just can’t figure out over the phone and assume it to be correct. New schools may not have had a Class 10 / 12 yet, which does not need to be a deterrent in itself. But in such a case feedback from parents becomes very important.

Affiliation and Accreditation of schools

A student seeking admission to any class in a 'School' must know which board the school is affiliated with as a ground rule. Firstly, make sure the school you chose is “affiliated” and not just “applied for affiliation”. CBSE board has more than 10 times the number of schools compared to ICSE. Therefore, if you have a transferrable job and you want to maintain continuity, CBSE might be a better choice. If you have a globally transferrable job, you need to consider selecting IGCSE and IB boards.
While the board CBSE / ICSE offers some flexibility, the school might be limited in the subject choices it offers. This becomes important as the child gets to middle school and high school. Does the school offers a choice in second language and 3rd language? Does the school give an option to pick subjects in the 9th/11th grade? Etc.

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