10 tips for picking the right school for your child! - 5

#6 - Fees and hidden charges

Most schools are looking to maximise their income, the more they can sell the more they earn. Since none of us have an unlimited budget, this needs to be in sync with what is affordable. Mandatory fees may include everything from textbook fees to the cost of technology. Even the daily bus service has come to be a costly proposition for students in many schools across the country. Additionally students that embark on a field trip may have to pay an additional fee to ride a bus to their destination. Sports is another area where many parents feel the stab in their pockets
Ensure that everything is transparent the yearly hike – what has it been over the last couple of years and what is included, if the book fees, transport and art supplies charges are separate? Is there a one-time registration for dance/singing classes? Is there a refundable deposit? Check and understand the details.

#7 - Transport

The need for safety of each child to school and back home is of utmost importance to us. Check if the school has bus facilities, if yes, where is their nearest pick up and drop point to your house? If seat belts have been arranged for student’s safety. With the amount of crime happening around us, it’s important to even check if the buses are GPRS enabled and if SMS is generated on the mobiles regarding a child’s location whoever avails school transport. It’s good to also enquire if charges have to be paid quarterly along with the school fees.

#8 - Working hours

Some of the things to be kept in mind with regard to a school’s working hours include:

  • Do you plan to drop the kids at school on your way to work?
  • Do the working hours of the school work with respect to things at home?
  • Do the kids reach home much before you do?
  • Do you have suitable arrangements in place to handle any situation?

Note that the hours during Montessori, LKG, and UKG will differ from the 1st to 10th grade classes. Number of vacation days in a year is also worth checking.

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