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#9 - Right Age of admission

The age at which a child is admitted is different for different schools across India. Montessori’s admit students at the age of 2.5 to 3 years. To get admissions in LKG (pre-primary) the child should have completed 3 years and 10 months by June. It is a new rule that a child will have to be above three years for nursery, above four years for junior KG, and five-years-and-four-months for Class 1 by September 30 of that academic year. Irrespective of their management or education board, this will be applicable for all schools through India.

#10 - Facilities in School

This topic is that which gets the maximum time and parent’s attention in any presentation from the school. Slide after slides will be shown about singing courses, Bharatanatyam classes, swimming and tennis lessons – but this is probably the least important stuff.

Take a keen note on the following:

  • If adequate classrooms space is available for students, because overcrowded classrooms increases the aggression in students
  • Does the school have ample play equipment and adequate space to play freely along with a medical dispensary for emergency medical treatment
  • Teaching equipment’s that include large whiteboards, comfortable chairs, spacious study tables, audio facilities and projectors
  • Are there sufficient number of toilets, wash basins and good water supply so that children don’t contract infections from unhygienic conditions?
  • The facilities that the school supports your child’s learning – playgrounds, music programs, library, clubs, NCC/ scouts and sports teams? For a child excelling in a sport or art how does the school tailor academics for him/her?
  • Do children go on field trips or visits to local museums? How many excursions/ community activities are scheduled in the school year?
  • Protecting children is the basic necessity a school has to undertake and for this installing the best security systems, surveillance cameras in classrooms, canteens, entrances and exits, parking lot etc. can help prevent any crime and mishaps

And to conclude, be open to admitting you were wrong…

As parents, we all want the best school for our children, whether it’s public or private, and no school is perfect and meets all benchmarks. Some compromises are always necessary. Remember that this decision is not binding. Do your research and make a decision. Don’t be afraid to change schools if it isn’t working, if your kid is really unhappy, be prepared to try again at another school. Be open to admitting that it was a wrong decision and starting over. We hope that these guidelines have been useful to you in choosing the right school for your child because education is an extremely important aspect in your child’s academic future.

We wish you the very best of luck!

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