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The ICSE is under the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, whose heritage goes back to the Cambridge IGSCE which was present during the British Era. ICSE has a composed syllabus and aims at the overall progress of the child. It is quintessential for students opting for literature or management courses. The ICSE syllabus focuses on more extensive, detailed and comprehensive study of each subject. ICSE syllabus lays more emphasis on core English knowledge, students from this board clench a slight edge over other students in exams like TOEFL. The ICSE syllabus is vast giving due importance to all the subjects where students have the flexibility of selecting any specific subjects. This syllabus aims at giving practical knowledge and build analytical skills in students. ICSE students achieve miles in scholarship examinations which are based on English. It considers internal assessments to be more vital for a child’s progress. The practical test results are aggregated with the overall scores.

Where Both Strike a Balance

o Both CBSE and ICSE are recognized by all the institutions in India.

o The quality of education delivered by both the boards are high and outstanding.

o The key subjects taught in both the boards are almost the same.

o Both the boards consider interactive teaching than one-way class lectures.

o Both CBSE and ICSE give emphasis to learning through experience.


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