Edurite CBSE Class 5 Mathematics, EVS And Science Combo USB Pendrive

Edurite CBSE Class 5 Mathematics, EVS And Science Combo USB Pendrive

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CBSE Class 5 mathematics

Practice makes people perfect this old quote is valuable and it inspires many of us to follow rigorous practice sessions to achieve our academic goals. However, this statement is true to the core. Math is a kind of subject that needs constant practice and it is said that the amount of time you put to solve Math problems is worthy as it helps you to keep the concepts well rooted in the memory for a longer time. It is, therefore, imperative to allot an adequate time to solve Math problems. However, it is little tricky to keep the students engaged with Math as many of them do not find interest in this academic discipline. The reason behind this situation is students do not understand the concepts properly.
However, Edurite's Math USBs are quite engaging, interactive as well as instructional. Edurite's CBSE class 5 Mathematics USB is an excellent learning aide that explains each topic precisely. Additionally, it encourages students in solving various exercises that make them knowledgeable as well as prepared for their exams. Here, check the sample videos before purchasing this USB and give your kids a favorable platform to learn Math thoroughly.

CBSE syllabi are well-designed and favorable for the students and most importantly, each of them inspires students to learn and grow. Each CBSE curriculum includes all important chapters, along with the pertinent topics that impart a thorough subject knowledge to the students.
As per the academic standards, the CBSE syllabi are modified and each of them is ideally designed to meet the student's learning requirements. However, it has been observed that some students find it difficult to learn the topics during the class and it leads to an incomplete learning experience, which is not favorable for the exam preparation. To handle this situation, parents should encourage their kids in learning and choose the right study materials that not only impart adequate subject knowledge, but also allow them to learn topics better. However, Edurite's CBSE class 5 science USB is a great combination of topics, along with the interactive activities, quizzes and exercises. This combo USB/USB is a treasure for the students.

Class 5 is the middle stage of elementary level classes and secondary level. It is the right time to revise all basic knowledge to move forward towards the next level of learning. CBSE class 5 syllabus is suitably designed so that students can recall all basic concepts in a thorough manner. However, at this stage, students prefer to do practical activities, rather attending the theoretical classes. Keeping in mind this aspect, Edurite brings a great learning aid that makes the students study time more interactive and engaging. It sharpens the students skills and also make them ready for the final exam.
As the class time in the school is limited and hence, parents must encourage their kids to get involved in the study activities to accelerate both the theoretical and practical understanding. However, Edurite's CBSE class 5 Environmental Studies USB is an amalgamation of all relevant topics, along with the quizzes and examples. Most importantly, it is a learning tool associated with the audio-visual aid that helps students to remember all concepts for a long period of time. Check our demo video before purchasing the USB as it helps you decide better.

Chapter List

Mathematics Environmental Studies
Shapes and Angles Seeds and Seeds
How Many Squares? Blow Hot Blow Cold
Parts and Wholes Experiments with Water
Does it Look the Same? When the Earth Shook
Be My Multiple, I'll Be Your Factor Walls tell Stories
Area and its Boundary What if it Finishes
Mapping Your Way Who will Do this work
Can You See the Pattern? A Treat for Mosquitoes
Boxes and Sketches Whose Forests?
Ways to Multiply and Divide
How Big? How Heavy?
Smart Charts
Animals in their Surroundings
The Skeletal and Muscular System
The Nervous System
Good Health
Safety and First Aid
Air and Water
Heavenly Bodies
Natural Disasters
Rocks and minerals
States of Matter
Force, Energy and Simple Machines

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