Edurite CBSE Class 10 Super Learning Kit
Edurite CBSE Class 10 Super Learning Kit
Edurite CBSE Class 10 Super Learning Kit

Edurite CBSE Class 10 Super Learning Kit

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Learn all basic subjects designed for class 10 in an improved manner by following the Edurite's updated CBSE class 10 Science, Mathematics and Social Science Combo USB. To meet students' academic requirements, CBSE board has prepared an updated course structure for class 10 students and based on that, Edurite offers this combo USB that makes learning worthwhile in all manners. However, this learning aid includes a maximum coverage of topics, along with the examples so as to make students each study session engaging as well as valuable. With this combo USB pack, students get a better learning experience as they get space to work on their weak areas and also assess their learning skills.

The additional advantages of this learning material are its content with rich graphics and audio visual guidelines. Here, each topic is elaborately explained and hence, it is a one-stop solution for class 10 students.

However, Edurite USBs have been suitably prepared under the guidance of academicians to make learning fruitful and cogent.

CBSE class 10 combo USB pack at a glance:

  • Detailed explanations of the topics, along with examples
  • Interactive activities, quizzes, engaging animations, along with the voice instructions
  • Multiple-choice question-answers
  • Added self-evaluation tool that improves ones inclination towards learning
  • A vast coverage of the topics
  • User friendly coverage tracker for each chapter
  • Colorful and animated illustrations of topics
  • Self-assessment tests
  • Favorable exam tips
  • Imparts a great learning experience



 Grade 10 Experifun Science Gadget Kit contains 3 Products 

 Bring concepts to life 

1) Electrikit for Electricity

  • Electrikit is a DIY electrical circuit kit.
  • The combination of 2 LED's, a Switch and a Motor helps understand the basics of electrical circuits, its connections, their properties and the various types of circuits. 
  • Concepts Covered: Open circuits, Closed circuits, Understanding switches, Lighting a bulb, Generation of Electricity, Running a Motor, Short Circuit and Series and Parallel Circuits. 

2) Plant Classification for Classification of Plants.

  • Plant Classification is a DIY Kit.
  • It simplifies the concept of classification of plants on the basis of nutrition.
  • The kit comes with multiple pieces which when placed in different ways explains the kind of classification.
  • Concepts Covered: why classification, how to classify plants?

3) Pollinature for Pollination.

  • Pollinature is a game based kit.
  • The kit comes with specially designed pieces of dice, which when rolled give you a combination to understand the kind of pollination.
  • Concepts Covered: flower adaptations, agents of pollination, environment affecting pollination.

Concepts covered: Electrical Circuits, Classification of Plants and Pollination 
No of activities: 14
User Manual/Lesson Plan and DVD with activity video


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