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Class 1 Mathematics, English and Environmental Science Worksheets

Class 1 Mathematics, English and Environmental Science Worksheets

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Learning becomes more engaging and improved when it is combined with the audio-visual aid like pictures, voice lectures, and user-friendly activities. Bring the Edurites high quality, pictorial and colorful worksheets for your kids and make their learning method happy and valuable.

Here are some key aspects of the worksheets:

1. Bright pictorial pages to intrigue the kids
2. Interactive activities to reiterate the main points of the concepts.
3. Easy to follow instructions, that limit the parent's supervision and, thereby, students gain confidence
4. Stiffer pages for the convenience of the students and their rough handling
5. Designed by the proficient academicians based on the updated NCERT syllabus.
6. No of pages added in Edurites Class 1 Mathematics, Environmental Science and English Worksheets - 640.

Topics covered in English

  1. Identifying missing letters for spelling
  2. Identifying rhyming words
  3. Practice appropriate use of words
  4. Formation of new words by inserting letters
  5. Match adjectives with nouns and nouns with verbs
  6. Understand the concept of analogy
  7. Reading and comprehension
  8. Rearrange letters to form words
  9. Rearrange words to forms sentences
  10. Arrange words to form meaningful sentences
  11. Write in grammatically correct order
  12. Associate words with their meanings
  13. Recognizes the use of capital letters
  14. Read while paying extra attention to spelling
  15. Demonstrate reading and counting skills
  16. Read while paying attention to spelling
  17. Associate objects and numbers
  18. Identify and correctly use past tense
  19. Differentiate between the use of question and exclamation marks
  20. Identify and name objects
  21. Differentiate between questions and statements
  22. Identify appropriate adjectives
  23. Identify singular and plural

Topics covered in EVS

  1. Animals-home, sounds, and classification
  2. Healthy food, clothes we wear and daily habits
  3. Our Earth, The Plant World and Parts of a Plant
  4. Be Safe on Roads
  5. Safety at Home
  6. Seasons

Topics covered in Math

  1. Interpretation of given data in the form of an equation
  2. Practice addition and subtraction of numbers
  3. Translate visual data into a bar graph and interpret visual data
  4. Understanding sequencing of numbers
  5. Comprehend the sequence of activities
  6. Comprehend the size of objects
  7. Comprehend the concept of zero
  8. Deduce that certain objects have fixed numbers
  9. Comprehend the concept of date by writing the date which comes after a given date
  10. Compare and recognize the smaller and bigger groups from a given set of objects
  11. Recognize long-short, thick-thin and heavy-light objects
  12. Identifying currency, addition, and subtraction
  13. Differentiate between smaller and larger numbers
  14. Writing number names
  15. Practice how to read numbers on the Abacus
  16. Solving statement problems
  17. Telling time

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