Experifun Science Kit for Class 10

Experifun Science Kit for Class 10

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 Grade 10 Experifun Science Gadget Kit contains 3 Products 

 Bring concepts to life 

1) Electrikit for Electricity

  • Electrikit is a DIY electrical circuit kit.
  • The combination of 2 LED's, a Switch and a Motor helps understand the basics of electrical circuits, its connections, their properties and the various types of circuits. 
  • Concepts Covered: Open circuits, Closed circuits, Understanding switches, Lighting a bulb, Generation of Electricity, Running a Motor, Short Circuit and Series and Parallel Circuits. 

2) Plant Classification for Classification of Plants.

  • Plant Classification is a DIY Kit.
  • It simplifies the concept of classification of plants on the basis of nutrition.
  • The kit comes with multiple pieces which when placed in different ways explains the kind of classification.
  • Concepts Covered: why classification, how to classify plants?

3) Pollinature for Pollination.

  • Pollinature is a game based kit.
  • The kit comes with specially designed pieces of dice, which when rolled give you a combination to understand the kind of pollination.
  • Concepts Covered: flower adaptations, agents of pollination, environment affecting pollination.

Concepts covered: Electrical Circuits, Classification of Plants and Pollination 
No of activities: 14
User Manual/Lesson Plan and DVD with activity video