Experifun Science Kit for Class 8

Experifun Science Kit for Class 8

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 Grade 8 Experifun Science Gadget Kit contains 3 Products 

 Bring concepts to life 

1) Charge Sensor for Electrostatic Charge.

  • Charge Sensor is a device which helps you visualize charge which is not possible otherwise.
  • This little 'lightning shape' device helps detect negative charge and enables to understand the concept of negative & positive charge, dissipation of charge, electrostatic field etc.
  • Concepts Covered: transfer of charge, explore charge with different materials, adhesion, and dissipation of charge.

2) Imager for Light.

  • ‘Imager', is an extremely simple way to see and understand how light travels.
  • This powerful gadget help visualize the pattern of ray diagrams.
  • Concepts covered: path of light, reflection of light, plane mirrors, and objects that reflect light.

3) Insulator-Conductor.

  • Insulator Conductor is a plug shaped gadget which enables you to interact with the electrical properties of materials around us.
  • This gadget detects even a marginal amount of current and helps identify it as an Insulator or a Conductor.
  • Concepts covered: Transfer of Electricity, Open circuits, Closed circuits.

Concepts covered: Electrostatic charge, Electric insulators and conductor and Light. 
No of activities: 13
User Manual/Lesson Plan and DVD with activity video