Edurite ICSE Class 6 Science And Maths Combo DVD
Edurite ICSE Class 6 Science And Maths Combo DVD

Edurite ICSE Class 6 Science And Maths Combo DVD

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ICSE Maths

ICSE is a prominent academic board that prepares suitable syllabi as well as modify each one as per the current learning requirements to provide a better platform for the students. However, Edurite prepares suitable DVDs to assist students in learning each syllabus precisely. Its DVDs have been prepared by maintaining a standard format and hence, each one is valuable and praiseworthy. The salient features of each Edurites DVD are its interactive exercises, quizzes and multiple question-answers that allow students to nurture their skills. Besides, self-assessment tests are outstanding aspects that make learning valuable and riveting.
Mathematics is basic academic discipline and it has great significance in many sectors. However, students start learning Math concepts from the junior classes and each concept should be learned thoroughly to build an interest in learning. However, Edurites ICSE class 6 Maths DVD includes all important concepts and teach them to the students in a simple and interactive manner.

ICSE Science

ICSE board is an esteemed academic board and it imparts suitable study materials to the students. Additionally, its syllabi are amended from time to time to make students abreast with the latest information. Besides, ICSE course structures are well-acknowledged due to its positive learning approach and each of them maintains a balance between the theory and practical activities.
However, Science is important to know as it opens many doors of knowledge in front of the students. It gives adequate information about all natural incidents as well as hones each students interest and shows him the right ways to explore new things. In brief, this academic discipline boosts the student's enthusiasm and also allows them to get familiar with the surroundings better.


Mathematics Physics
Angles Magnetism
Construction of Angles Measurement
Factors and Multiples Work and Energy
Fractions Force
Percentage Simple Machines
Powers and Roots Pressure
Properties of Angles and Lines
Substitution Biology
The Number Line Health and Hygiene
Triangles Our Environment
Fundamental Geometrical Concepts Soil
Linear Symmetry Life on Earth:The Living World
Number System Structure and Functions of Plant Parts
Interest Classification of Plants and Animals
Introduction and Graphs
Decimal Fractions Chemistry
The Integers Air
Ratio Water
Fundamental Concepts Rocks and Soils
Simple Equations Pure Substances & Mixtures; Separation of Mixtures
Solids Changes in the World Around Us: Physical & Chemical Changes
The Circle The Nature of Matter
Idea Of A Set Elements, Compounds, Symbols & Formulae
Fundamental Operations Common Laboratory Apparatus and Equipment
Profit and Loss
Operations On Sets
Types Of Sets

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