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Karnataka State Board Class 10 PCMB Combo DVD

Karnataka State Board Class 10 PCMB Combo DVD

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Learn effectively and improve your marks in the exams by following the Karnataka State Board class10 Science and Maths Combo DVD. It is an exclusive learning aid that includes multimedia content, along with the engaging animations and make the study time worthy and absorbing. In brief, this DVD is a one stop solution for class 10 students to learn Math and Science in a precise manner. It makes each study session enlightening, easy to follow and engaging and most importantly, it augments the students’ expertise and skills. The added videos, content and quizzes are meticulously designed based on the class 10 course structure of the Karnataka State Board. It is a combo DVD through which students can evaluate their understanding on different topics of Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

To excel in Science and Math, this DVD is a great learning aid as it is ideally designed based on the updated class 10 syllabus of Karnataka board. Besides, this DVD helps students in handling the exam stress by getting engaged with the added quizzes and activities. Additionally, it allows students to put their best in the exams and attain desired marks in each subject.
Moreover, the Edurite DVDs have been prepared under the supervision of expert academicians to make learning enjoyable and favorable.

Have a look to the prominent aspects of the Karnataka Class 10 (PCMB) DVD:

1. A vast coverage of topics from several chapters added in the syllabus
2. Intriguing quizzes, advanced animations and easy to follow voice lectures to develop an inclination towards the subject
3. A good number of multiple-choice questions, along with the answers
4. Added score calculator, a self-evaluation tool that tracks progress.
5. Detailed delineation of each topic, along with the examples
6. User friendly coverage tracker for each chapter
7. Cutting-edge animated examples, along with the audio-video aid
8. Instructional illustrations of topics that develop a comprehensive perception
9. Valuable exam tips to accelerate the students’ confidence
10. Convenient to follow
11. Imparts a quality learning experience

List of chapters:

   Physics 1  Environmental Issues
1 Alternate Sources of Energy 2  Periodic Classification of Elements
2  Types of Motion 3  Glass
3  Nuclear Energy 4  Carbon
4  Sound 5  Hydrocarbons
5  Electromagnetic Induction 6  Functional Groups
6  Electronics 7  Hydrogenation of Oils
7  Rockets and Artificial Satellites 8  Sucrose and Ethyl Alcohol
    9  Metals
    10  Behaviour of Gases
    11  Ionic Conduction
   Mathematics    Biology
1  Real Numbers 1 Environmental Issues
2  Sets 2  Green Plants and Chordates
3  Progressions 3  Plant and Animal Tissues
4  Permutations and Combinations 4  Microbial Diseases
5  Probability 5  Plant and Animal Breeding
6  Statistics 6 Control and Coordination in Plants and Animals
7  Surds 7  Heredity
8  Polynomials    
9  Quadratic Equations    
10  Similar Triangles    
11  Trigonometry    
12  Coordinate Geometry    
13  Circle - Chord Properties    
14  Circles - Tangent Properties    
15  Mensuration    
16  Graphs and Polyhedra