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Karnataka State Board 6 Science And Maths Combo DVD

Karnataka State Board 6 Science And Maths Combo DVD

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Math exam papers will not give you the nightmares anymore as Edurite’s brings a great learning solution for both Math and Science subject. Karnataka State Board class 6 Maths DVD is exceptionally favorable for the students to learn each math topic in an easy manner. It allows students to get acquainted with each math topic at their own pace. It is good to follow this DVD and learn each topic in a step by step manner. Besides, its interactive activities and easy to follow examples make the entire learning session effective as well as valuable. Moreover, this DVD brings a noticeable improvement in the students’ performance in the exams.

Science is an intriguing subject and it allows every student to explore and learn. Class 6 is an important stage as during this time, students start taking interest in different topics and they need more encouragement. At this stage, their learning sessions should be enriched with a good number of study materials, so that they feel good to explore new things. However, Edurite’s Karnataka State Board class 6 Science DVD is a praiseworthy learning resource that not only inculcates information, but also hone the students’ inclination towards this subject. Its animated content and interactive activities make this DVD a great learning aid that students love to follow throughout the session.

Chapter list

   Mathematics    Science
1  Numbers 1  Habitat
2  Fundamental Operations 2  Body Organization in Organisms
3  Whole Numbers 3  Elements and Compounds
4  Integers 4  Separation of Substances from Mixtures
5  Basic Geometrical Concepts 5  Conductors and Insulators
6  2D and 3D Shapes 6  Measuring Devices
7  Data Handling 7  Food
8  Playing with Numbers 8  Water
9  Fractions 9  Soil
10  Decimals 10  Combustible Substances and Fire Extinguishers
11  Introduction to Algebra 11  Speed and Velocity
12  Ratio and Proportion 12  The Earth - A Living Planet
13  Symmetry 13  Atmosphere
14  Constructions 14  Natural Calamities
15  Mensuration 15  Phases of the Moon
    16  Eclipses

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