Edurite Karnataka State Board Science and Maths Combo DVD for Class 8

Edurite Karnataka State Board Science and Maths Combo DVD for Class 8

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Mathematics needs constant practice and patience. Students of all grades must focus on their practice sessions and develop energy to solve each practice material in a repeated manner. However, the success in Math exams hinges on the method through which the students learn the concepts. Karnataka State Board class 8 Math DVD designed by Edurite is a great learning tool to excel in this subject as it helps students to grasp each Math concept in a right manner. Besides, its examples, easy to follow explanations and added assessment methods are engaging as well as instructional in all respects.
Science is a subject that meets the inquisitiveness about the nature and other things around us and class 8 is the right time to outline a good grounding for this subject. However, a good learning method as well as a constructive academic aid matter a lot as these help students in understanding a concept precisely. Karnataka State Board class 8 Science DVD deigned by Edurite is an ideal example of a favorable learning help that not only assists students in inculcating information, but also boosts their mastery.

Chapter list

ξ ξMathematics ξ ξScience
1 ξPlaying with Numbers 1 Our Natural Resources
2 ξSquares, Square Roots, Cubes, Cube Roots 2 ξStudy of Our Environment
3 ξRational Numbers 3 ξStructure of Atom
4 ξCommercial Arithmetic 4 ξMore about Atoms
5 ξStatistics 5 ξStudy of Cells
6 ξAlgebraic Expressions 6 ξClassification of Living Organisms
7 ξFactorisation 7 ξThe World of Microbes
8 ξLinear Equations in One Variable 8 ξDescribing Motion
9 ξExponents 9 ξForce and Newton's Laws of Motion
10 ξIntroduction to Graphs 10 ξEnergy and its Forms
11 ξAxioms, Postulates and Theorems 11 ξChemical Reactions and their Types
12 ξTheorems on Triangles 12 ξChemicals in Our Daily Life - 1
13 ξCongruency of Triangles 13 ξChemicals in Our Daily Life - 2
14 ξConstruction of Triangles 14 ξWorld of Sounds
15 ξQuadrilaterals 15 ξHeat
16 ξMensuration 16 ξStates of Matter
ξ ξ 17 ξOur Colourful World
ξ ξ 18 ξFood and its Constituents
ξ ξ 19 ξDigestion and Respiration
ξ ξ 20 ξReproduction in Higher Plants
ξ ξ 21 ξCommunication Gadgets
ξ ξ 22 ξFood Production : Soil and Water Management
ξ ξ 23 ξEvolution of Life
ξ ξ 24 ξBeyond the Earth