Edurite Karnataka State Board 9 Science and Maths Combo DVD

Edurite Karnataka State Board 9 Science and Maths Combo DVD

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Mathematics is a subject related to numbers and structure and students are introduced with different Math concepts in each academic standard. However, knowing Math concepts precisely is imperative to develop a good base in this subject as Math is well-acknowledged in many sectors starting from research to banking. Here, EduriteŠ—Ès Karnataka State Board class 9 Maths DVD is a distinguished learning aid that allows students to learn this subject in a step by step manner. Its animated explanations and interactive exercises are favorable for the students and most importantly, these aspects improve their inclination towards this subject.
Science, a subject that imparts equal practical and theoretical information and studying this subject itself gives a memorable learning experience to the students. However, this subject is best learnt with the help of audio-visual aid. Students often find these animated explanations and visual aids valuable as each of them provides coherent content. However, EduriteŠ—Ès Karnataka State Board class 9 Science DVD is an accumulation of essential topics starting from circular motion, gravitation to chemical bonding. Moreover, this DVD makes learning effective as well as easy at home.

Chapter list

ξ ξPhysicsξ ξ ξChemistry
1 Heat 1 ξSynthetic Materials ξ
2 ξNature of Light 2 ξChemicals in Our Daily Life
3 ξProperties of Matter 3 ξElectronic Configuration
4 ξLens 4 ξChemical Bonding
5 ξOptical Instruments 5 ξRadio Activity
6 ξCircular Motion ξ ξ
7 ξElectromagnetic Radiation ξ ξ
8 ξGravitation ξ ξ
9 ξPhoto Electric Effect and Laser ξ ξ
10 ξElectricity ξ ξ
11 ξRadio Activity ξ ξ
12 ξThe Sun ξ ξ
ξ ξ ξ ξ
ξ ξMathematics ξ ξBiology
1 ξSquare Root 1 Natural Resources
2 ξReal Numbers 2 ξFood
3 ξSurds 3 ξClassification of Living Organisms
4 ξSets 4 ξThe World of Microbes
5 ξStatistics 5 ξBiogeochemical Cycles
6 ξBanking 6 ξExcretion in Animals
7 ξCompound Interest 7 ξLife Processes
8 ξRatio and Proportion 8 ξCell Division
9 ξMultiplication of Polynomials 9 ξReproduction in Animals
10 ξFactorisation 10 ξEvolution of Life
11 ξHCF and LCM ξ ξ
12 ξDivision ξ ξ
13 ξSimultaneous Linear Equations ξ ξ
14 ξVariation ξ ξ
15 ξPolygons ξ ξ
16 ξQuadrilaterals ξ ξ
17 ξTheorems and Problems on Parallelograms ξ ξ
18 ξCircles ξ ξ
19 ξConcurrency in Triangles ξ ξ
20 ξMensuration ξ ξ