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LKG Mathematics and English  Worksheets

LKG Mathematics and English Worksheets

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LKG Mathematics, English and General Awareness Worksheets

Kindergarten is the basic learning stage where students get acquainted with the core concepts of Math, English and General awareness. However, at this stage, students need coherent and intriguing study materials that allow them to learn each topic with ease. Therefore, they can improve their inclination towards learning and also get familiar with the basic concepts. However, Edurite's LKG Mathematics, English and General Awareness Worksheets are great practice materials that inculcate thorough information about each chapter. Most importantly, each worksheet is valuable and allows students to strengthen their basic skills, including reading, writing and comprehensive skills.

Here are some key features of our worksheets:

  • Bright and colorful pages that intrigue students
  • Variety of interactive activities that reiterate each concept
  • Provide a thorough understanding of the question pattern
  • Hard and user friendly pages
  • Prepared by the experienced academicians in tune with the updated NCERT syllabus

Topics covered in English (Number of pages: 149)

1. Identifying and Tracing alphabets

2. Identifying and matching identical objects

3. Recognizing alphabets and the sounds they make

4. Matching alphabets with the pictures

5. Maze games and joining the dots

6. Matching sets and finding pairs

7. Story telling through pictures

8. Parts of the human body

9. Mothers and Young ones

10. Identifying wild and domestic animals

11. Long and short, big and small

12. Identifying fruits and vegetables and matching them

13. Coloring activities

14. Vehicles and places they belong


Topics covered in mathematics (Number of pages: 127)

1. Identifying and Tracing Numbers

2. Identifying and Tracing shapes

3. Maze games and joining the numbers

4. Identifying big and small, tall and short, long and short, heavy and light

5. Identifying and matching identical objects

6. Identifying and matching pairs

7. Coloring activities

8. Finding the odd one

9. Sequence writing for pictures

10. Measurement in simple terms

11. Count and match

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